Being Content – My Methods to an Easier and Happier Life

Contentment is an achievable state of mind as long as you follow a few simple principles.  Being content about figuring out who you are and what you want in life, as well as setting realistic goals.

Being content means practicing humility, self-discipline, and satisfaction in your current state. It allows us to be happy with and grateful for the things we have, which, more often than not are more than what we really need in life.

We all have goals in life we want to achieve-college degree, house, car, spouse, vacation home, etc., but sometimes we set goals that are unrealistic and set us up for unhappiness and envy.  We’re going to discuss some of the aspects of being content and ways to achieve contentment that may help you find exactly what you’re looking for.

What is Contentment?

The definition of contentment is being in a state of satisfaction and happiness.  This could refer to your place in work, life, relationships, even your situation in time. As our lives change, our needs change; learning to be content allows us to navigate those changes, accept them, and be grateful for our experiences and the thing, people, and relationships we have.

Content woman in her happy place - Being Content - Gone Minimal
Content woman in her happy place

What Are the Attributes of Contentment?

There are several, but a few include the following:

HumilityHumble, unassuming, modest, and respectful.
DisciplineSelf-control as a result of character and controlled behavior.
Lack of EnvyNo jealousy or desire for what others have, content for your own belongings and life.
SatisfactionHappy with meeting your own expectations and achievements.
Hate For Greed and CorruptionAbsolute lack of desire for more power, wealth, etc.

Is Being Content the Same as Being Happy?

There’s feeling happiness, because something or someone had an effect on you.  Then there’s contentment.  Happiness is short lived or feeling, whereas contentment is a deeper feeling that lasts a much longer time.  Contentment is finding happiness and joy in feelings and deep within yourself.

Is Contentment a Feeling?

Contentment is more of a state of being that is characterized by gratefulness, satisfaction, and happiness.  It brings peace of mind and ease to those that have found contentment.

Is Being Content Good or Bad?

This is very subjective-the question is-what do you want?  If you find happiness and therefore contentment in a certain way of life, a person, a job, etc.-then it is a very positive thing.  However; if you find yourself wanting something more, like excitement or change or improvement, then perhaps it’s not contentment you want.  If you’re in a difficult situation but you find yourself being content, that’s a way of putting a positive spin on things.

What Is the Difference Between Complacency and Contentment?

So we defined contentment as being in a state of satisfaction and happiness, which is a positive thing.  We work to achieve things in life that bring us contentment.

Complacency is defined as a state of unawareness of deficiencies, as well as self-satisfaction despite being uninformed of your lack of ability.  When we are complacent, there is a refusal to work in order to improve or achieve.  This is definitely a negative thing!

Working Toward Contentment

What Is a Happy and Contented Life?

If you are happy with your job and your work position, you might be content.  If you have someone in your life like a romantic partner who makes you happy and satisfied, you might be content.  As you’ve grown and set goals for yourself, if you have achieved them you might be content. 

A happy and contented life means you don’t want more than what you currently have.  You’re satisfied with every aspect of your life and couldn’t imagine things any better.  

How Do You Know If You’re Content?

Generally speaking-if you’re content, you don’t want anything more.  You’re happy and satisfied with where you’re at in life, what you have, who you’re with, and what you’ve done.  If you have achieved this feeling, you’re most likely content.

Why Is Being Content Important?

It’s important to be content because we can’t always have more, do more, or be more.  Always wanting more can lead to dissatisfaction and unhappiness, which isn’t good for the soul.  

Focusing on things we have rather than what we don’t can inspire new possibilities and goals that lead to feelings of satisfaction that can further support being content. Being content takes a certain amount of trust in knowing that, although our state of being is always changing, things are as they should be.

A satisfied customer - Being Content - Gone Minimal
A satisfied customer

Why Am I Not Satisfied With What I Have?

Ask yourself two questions:

  1. Are you not satisfied with the material things in your life?
  2. Or are you not satisfied with the non-material (emotional, mental, etc.) things in your life?

If it’s material things you’re looking for, that can be achieved with working hard, saving money, paying off debt, and going out and buying those things.  It’s not so easy with the non-material things.  Try to figure out which one would make you more satisfied and go from there.

Are Humans Ever Satisfied?

I’d say there’s two classes of humans: those that can find satisfaction and those who cannot.  Contentment means finding a level of satisfaction that one is happy with and maintaining status quo.  Those who are not satisfied will continue to work, pursue, spend, etc. in hopes of achieving their own personal level of satisfaction.

How Can We Be Content?

  1. What makes you happy?  Do more of that!  If you haven’t figured it out, get out there and find it! 
  2. Can you find happiness without wanting more?  If you achieve what you want, set your expectations and succeed, then figure out if you need or want more.
  3. Practice gratitude.  Be thankful for what and who you have in your life.
  4. Help others in any way you can.  Whether it’s emotionally, physically, or financially; helping others can bring a great sense of contentment deep inside.
  5. Don’t compare yourself to other people!  It doesn’t matter what they have or what they do-that’s their life and NOT yours.  What brings someone else contentment may not have the same effect on you.

Attributes of Contentment

1.     Satisfaction.

  • Try to be happy with what you have.  Wanting more will only lead to dissatisfaction. 
  • Focus on what makes you happy, not on what you don’t have. 
  • If you can find happiness and satisfaction, you can find contentment in your present state.

2.     Lack of envy.

  • Don’t want what others have.  What makes them content may not make you content.
  • Don’t compare yourself to others.  Different people have different goals, and being like others will not lead to contentment.
  • Remember others may be putting on a show (think social media-it’s not always the whole truth).  

3.     Humility.

  • Practice humbleness and modesty in life and work.  Belongings and power do not equate to contentment.
  • Practice mindfulness and be down-to-earth.  This is more easily achieved than trying to be someone you are not.
  • Show respectfulness to others.  This leads to inner peace and greater chance for finding contentment.

4.     Discipline.

  • Practicing self-control gives you greater character. 
  • Use mindfulness to keep you grounded and centered.
  • This will help you avoid envy, increase satisfaction, and maintain humility.

5.     Abhorrence of Greed and Corruption.

  • Greed only breeds dissatisfaction and want for more.
  • Focus on yourself and the things that make you happy.
  • Find satisfaction in your current state.
  • If you can see that more power, wealth, belongings, etc. does not lead to greater satisfaction, you will find more happiness and contentment.
A pug in its happy place - Being Content - Gone Minimal
A pug in its happy place

Helpful Insights:

Contentment in a Relationship

Is Being Content in a Relationship Good?

Contentment in a relationship can be a very positive thing.  If you have found someone who makes you happy, doesn’t make you question your life choices, and doesn’t make you try to change who you are-that is very good.  We learn with age that people change, people have good and bad qualities, and you take the good with the bad as long as nobody is hurt.  If there are things in a relationship that make you question your happiness, remember that communication is key to working things out and being content.

How Do You Have Contentment in a Relationship?

A relationship can be very complicated or very simple.  Contentment can be found in a relationship where there is love, understanding, support, communication, and affection.  If someone makes you happy and you don’t want anything more, then it’s quite possible you are content!

Why Is It Important to Choose Contentment Over Jealousy?

Jealousy can only bring unhappiness and anger.  Jealousy, or envy, means we want more.  Wanting more does not make anyone happy-only dissatisfied.  Contentment is much more desirable over jealousy because it means one is satisfied with the current situation.

How Can You Tell If Someone Is Content?

It’s easy to tell if someone is content if you know them very well AND you communicate with them.  If someone tells you they’re happy, they’re satisfied with their station in life, and they seem content with maintaining status quo then they’re probably in a really good place.

How Do You Live With Someone Who Is Not Happy?

 This can be very difficult.  If someone you live with is unhappy, especially if they are your partner or loved one, their unhappiness can affect you as well.  Some suggestions to alleviate the situation:

  • Talk to them.  Ask them if they are unhappy and why.  Also ask them what you can do to help. 
  • Practice understanding.  Sometimes unhappiness is a phase, a short period of time due to a fleeting problem or issue.  Help them work through any issues.
  • Take time.  Problems usually can’t be fixed overnight.  Give them time to work on what’s bothering them.  This may even mean some time apart.  If they need the time-give it to them.

Contentment With Yourself

How Can I Be Happy Alone?

Being happy alone doesn’t have to be difficult.  It gives you an opportunity to really get to know yourself.  Figure out what you like or don’t like, what makes you happy, and what you really want out of life.  Learn a new skill, practice a hobby, take steps to take care of yourself.  Being happy alone greatly increases your chances of being happy in a relationship!

Being Content With Yourself

Once you figure out the practices that make you happy, it becomes very easy to be content with yourself.  You may find you’re good at writing alone, creating stories that allow you to use your creative side, and it may even help pay the bills.  Or you may find that you enjoy riding a bike through your neighborhood alone, which leads to better physical fitness and contentment with your appearance.  If it makes you happy, do it!

Being Content in All Things

 There are so many things in this life that can bring contentment.  It’s not about material possessions, the latest electronic gadgets, or having a million followers on social media.  Being content in all things means you are happy with where you live, what you do, your lifestyle, your family, your hobbies, and the things you do for fun.  It’s finding satisfaction in all of the things that are already present in your life.

Types of Contentment


Maintaining a sight of the world that brings curiosity and learning.


Doing something to benefit someone else, that has a cost to yourself.  For example-giving someone your jacket on a cold day, which leaves you a bit chilly but makes them warm.


Reducing the frequency with which you compare yourself to those around you or on social media.  It’s also keeping your emotions in check and not allowing things and events outside of your control change your emotions.


Learn how to live your best life through practicality.  Be your best self to bring your own fulfillment and personal happiness.


Be thankful for what you have and who you are every day.


Be humble and down-to-earth.  Don’t want for more.  Be mindful and respectful.


Think positively.  Don’t focus on the negatives.  Remind yourself that things could always be worse.


Set achievable and realistic goals for yourself.  Build the life you want for yourself and celebrate even the smallest successes.

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Being content can be easily achieved if you have the right mindset.  It’s not about what you see on social media or even next door.  Search inside yourself, spend time with yourself alone, and figure out the thing or even multiple things that bring you happiness.  Once you have learned what you enjoy, what you want, and what you can possibly achieve in life, you too can find contentment in this life.

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What Is Another Word for Contentment?

Contentment is more than just happiness.  It is satisfaction, fulfillment, gratification or gratitude, comfort, and pleasure.  It’s also the opposite of complacency, dissatisfaction, unhappiness, displeasure, and disappointment.

What Does God Say About Contentment?

According to Timothy 6:6-12, there is great gain from godliness with contentment.  We bring nothing with us when we come into this world, and we take nothing with us when we depart this world.  We will be content with food and clothing if we have it.

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