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It’s difficult to get rid of items that bring us joy, remind us of special people, or help us remember a momentous occasion.  When we start feeling overwhelmed by the stuff, it’s time to consider getting rid of it.  This article will guide you through how to get started paring down your stuff and some safe ways to do it.

Getting rid of stuff involves evaluating what’s important and then letting go of possessions that are no longer useful, helpful, or needed. This frees up space and energy to pursue what one values in life, valuing experiences and people over physical stuff.

Do you feel overwhelmed by all of the stuff around you?  Need some guidance on how to get started getting rid of the stuff?

What Is Getting Rid of Stuff?

Getting rid of stuff is going around your home and identifying what you don’t need or don’t use.  It’s paring down the collectibles, extra linens, clothing, dinnerware, and even decorations that just take up space.  The more stuff you have, the harder it is to keep your home clean and decluttered.  Decluttering can help with decreasing the amount of stuff you have in your home and keeping it clean and organized.

A trash can helps declutter - Get Rid of Stuff - Gone Minimal
A trash can helps declutter

How To Simplify Life to Get Rid Of Stuff

Each person has an individual journey, and unique things they value and need in life. While the specific things and stuff can vary, there are usually some common approaches each of us can take to simplify. It most often involves letting go of things we don’t ned, keeping spaces clean, and holding on only to what is most valuabl to us in the moment and for the near future.

Why do I find it so hard to get rid of stuff?

It’s hard to get rid of things that have personal sentiment.  You have spent a great deal of time collecting your favorite plants, precious collectibles, sci-fi novels, and even birthday and greeting cards from loved ones.  They all mean something to you-and getting rid of them means possibly losing those memories.  But it’s not true!  You can keep memories of loved ones and special events without hanging on to stuff!

How To Get Motivated To Get Rid of Stuff

It all starts with a plan.  Make a list of all of the items you’d like to keep, donate, or sell.  Make a reorganization plan.  It’s even a great time to redo your closets for upgraded storage and organization!  Think about having less clutter to put away, clean, or even trip over.  Think about the money you can make in a garage sale and people you can help with donations!  Then think about the relief you’ll feel once you’re finished.

Getting Rid of Stuff Minimalist

The minimalist lifestyle isn’t an easy one to choose for most-but it can be the most beneficial.  It’s not about getting rid of everything-just about keeping the bare necessities and the things that really matter to you.  The great thing about minimalism is there are no rules.  You can choose to be as minimalist as you’d like!  Start small and work your way up to the level of minimalist that works for you.

It’s not about getting rid of everything-just about keeping the bare necessities and the things that really matter to you.

How to Get Rid of Stuff

A key to getting rid of stuff is beginning small. Cleaning just the surface of one desk, cleaning the corner of a room, cleaning one shelf. From here, momentum builds. Depending on the things being cleaned, getting rid of them can often involve recycling, donating, taking things apart, or giving them to friends or folks in the community that can benefit from them.

How Do You Get Rid of Stuff in Your House?

Start with what you don’t need or don’t use.  If you haven’t used it in 6 months, get rid of it.  If you purchased it with a plan to use it in the future, that time is now OR get rid of it.  Start small-like your bedroom or someplace where you spend most of your time, or with a single category of item like books.  Once you get started you’ll see how cathartic it can be to get rid of stuff!

Hand raised in determination - Get Rid of Stuff - Gone Minimal
Hand raised in determination

How Do I Dispose of Large Appliances?

Getting rid of stuff sometimes includes large appliances, whether they’re being replaced or disposed of.  It can be difficult to know what to do with these appliances, but you’re in the right place!  There are a few good options here:

ApplianceWhat To Do
Large Working AppliancesFor large working appliances, donate them to Goodwill or a family in need.  Find a friend with a truck or rent one locally to transport your appliances for a small fee.
New AppliancesIf you’re purchasing a new appliance, have the delivery person take the old appliance for donation or proper disposal.  There’s usually a small fee for this but it’s worth it.
Non-Working AppliancesFor non-working appliances, look on your city’s website to see the procedure for disposal of large appliances.
Old AppliancesDon’t leave old appliances on your curb or driveway to avoid any homeowner’s association or city ordinance fines.

How Do You Get Rid of Large Waste?

Sometimes when getting rid of stuff we create a large amount of waste.  The last thing you want to do is contribute to the litter problem, but like with large appliances you need to know what to do.  A couple of options here:

  • Check out your city’s website for proper disposal procedure of large waste.  There’s usually a bulk trash day once or twice a year just for this!
  • Rent a driveway dumpster for a couple of days for that big cleanout.
  • Work in stages-utilize recycling and trash pickup days for a few bags at a time.
  • Don’t dispose of large waste improperly to avoid fines from your homeowner’s association or city ordinance violations.

How To Get Rid Of Stuff Before Moving

Preparing to move is a great time to get rid of stuff!  You’ve probably got quite a few items, large and small, that just won’t fit in your new place or don’t go along with the feng shui you’re trying to create.  While you’re packing, have boxes marked for trash, donate, sell, and move (properly labeled for bedroom, kitchen, you get the idea).  Once a box is full, either you’re done packing or it’s time for another box!  

Get Rid of Stuff for Free

You can ask friends and family if there are items they need or want while decluttering or packing.  There are community websites where you can post pictures of items you want to give away and you’d be surprised at what your neighbors are willing to pick up for you at no cost!  You can even pack things into a box to take to a donation center-it’s also free!  And you can help someone in need-and that feels great.

Check out this great informational video below on decluttering.

Things To Get Rid Of

1.  Clothes That Don’t Fit

Don’t hang on to old clothing that used to fit in hopes of losing/gaining weight or getting in better shape.  There are many people out there who are in need that could benefit from the clothing in your closet collecting dust!  Styles come and go and just because something used to fit doesn’t mean it will work again in the future.  Donate or sell old clothing to make room in your closet!

2.  Unused Hobby and Craft Supplies

We are all guilty of this-we saw a cool craft on social media and wanted to do it ourselves so we bought all the supplies.  Then we either never get around to it OR we have a bunch of leftover supplies and it sits there taking up space in a drawer.  Get rid of it to make room for something you DO use!  Maybe you’ve got a neighbor or even a child that could benefit from the supplies.  If you clean out that craft supply drawer you can store something else to make your closet or garage appear less cluttered.

3.  Sentimental Items

This can be challenging to get rid of-it means something special to us.  But we don’t need to hang on to these items to remember people, places, or events.  Find another method to remember (for example-photo album, pictures on CD, scrapbook, etc.) and get rid of the sentimental items that really just take up space and collect dust.  If it means that much to you, hang on to a couple of items but get rid of the rest.

4.  Items in Multiple

Look in your closet, garage, junk drawer, and bathroom.  You’ve probably got several pairs of shoes you don’t wear, multiple pairs of scissors you just don’t need, a screwdriver set you’ve never used, and 7 makeup palettes that are almost used up.  Take all of these items in multiple and pare them down to what you really need.  Dispose, donate, sell and make room for the other items you actually use to declutter your space.

Hoarders and Their Stuff

Hoarders do have a lof of physical things and stuff. To them, it often serves a valuable purpose, or is so believed. Thus, getting rid of stuff for hoarders is often an emotional, as well as physical, journey. Being sensitive to this, they can take control of their space, prioritize what’s important, and have a little more room for living and enjoying happiness.

What Is a Hoarder?

A hoarder is someone who collects items to such a degree that it takes over their home and becomes hazardous.  Their homes are piled from floor to ceiling with newspapers, trash, boxes, magazines, all sorts of stuff with only a narrow passageway from one room to another.  Hoarding is usually a sign of mental illness due to a traumatic event or loss of a loved one.  It’s a truly dangerous situation due to potential for illness and injury-both for the hoarder and for anyone who enters their home.

Donation items in a truck - Get Rid of Stuff - Gone Minimal
Donation items in a truck

How To Convince a Hoarder To Get Rid of Stuff

This is truly a difficult thing to do.  People who hoard cannot let go of the pain of the loss they have experienced and deal with it through collecting things.  When you talk to them about getting rid of their things, they probably think you don’t understand how they feel about their loss or their way of coping with the pain.  There needs to be a serious discussion with them about their safety, and often times it requires the assistance of a mental health professional.  But you can help them understand that cleaning can be a way of coping and letting go of the pain and loss.  

How To Help Hoarders Get Rid of Stuff

There’s a lot of work that goes into helping hoarders declutter and clean up their homes.  Discuss with them what they need to keep and why-they why is always the most important question and can sometimes be negotiated.  It’s a delicate process and cannot be taken lightly.  Don’t just throw things away for them-this can cause a serious setback with the process of helping them get rid of stuff.  It’s a slow and painful process, especially for them.

Other Resources:

Getting rid of stuff can be challenging, but if you make a plan and stick with it you can be successful.  Knowing your resources and asking for help from friends and family will make it so much easier.  Paring down the clutter is hard work but it will pay off once you’re done.  Why not get started today?

How Do You Get Rid of Stuff Quickly?

The first step is letting go.  Don’t think about when or where you got the stuff, or who you were with.  Decide you need to get rid of the stuff and follow through.  Collect the stuff and box or bag it up (out of sight-out of mind!) for disposal or donation.  You’ll be amazed at how quickly you can get it done!

How Do You Get Someone To Get Rid of Stuff?

Be supportive without enabling the behavior that got them into the “too much stuff” mode.  Make a plan together about how to begin, what to keep, and what to donate/dispose/sell.  Communicate with them about what the goal is and how best to reach that goal.  Teamwork is best for their success!

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