How To Become A Minimalist – Learn and Live the Simple Life

Becoming a minimalist doesn’t have to be a complex process, it’s a meaningful exploration and pursuit of what really matters.  We’re going to review how you can become a minimalist with just a few steps.

Becoming a minimalist is converting to a lifestyle of more intentional living and focusing more on experiences and relationships. It begins with making a plan and decluttering, and there are no rules on how it’s done. At home, with clothing, even with a family-becoming a minimalist isn’t impossible.

Are you looking to simplify the life you lead?  Have you ever looked into becoming a minimalist to any degree?

What Is Becoming a Minimalist?

Becoming a minimalist refers to changing the mindset to the principle of “less is more”.  This refers to simple living, living intentionally, as well as fewer possessions.  Priority is placed on quality rather than quantity, so living a life that is more meaningful and pursuing experiences and relationships rather than the conventional consumerist lifestyle.

Minimal bedroom - How To Become A Minimalist - Gone Minimal
Minimal bedroom

Minimalist Lifestyle

Minimalist lifestyle originated sometime in the 1950s in the art scene, and it rapidly spread to other areas of life.  Minimalism is not just about fewer possessions and tiny homes, but about using less to express more meaning.  Sometimes this lifestyle is utilized from necessity, although it has beneficial effects on financial issues, social awareness, as well as environmental issues. 

We live in a complex world, and a minimalist lifestyle can make things much more simpler and meaningful.  The minimalist lifestyle can be seen to different degrees across the globe.

How to Become a Minimalist

There are many reasons why one might pursue a minimalist lifestyle.  Sometimes it’s because of a major life change, and sometimes it’s just in response to the vicious cycle of work, home, and everything in between.  It’s not a lifestyle for everyone, but let’s take a look at some ways to adapt and change to minimalism.

Embracing minimalism can lead to a simpler, more intentional, and meaningful life. To become a minimalist, one must reflect on their goals and values to identify their core beliefs and what’s important to them. Remember, it’s a personal journey that looks different for everyone and requires patience and flexibility.

Minimal ideas for a minimal life - Minimalist Office - Gone Minimal
Minimal ideas for a minimal life

Tips to Become a Minimalist

If you’re looking for some tips to become a minimalist, you’ve come to the right spot!  The great thing about minimalism is there are no rules.  There’s no one “set” way to practice minimalism-you can do as much or as little as you’d like.  Here are some basic tips to help you get started:

  • Make a list of what you’d like to minimize.
  • Start small.
  • Don’t compare yourself to others.
  • If you’re uncomfortable with getting rid of something, don’t.
  • Remember-there’s really no pressure except from yourself.

Steps to Become a Minimalist

When it comes to becoming a minimalist, it helps to be organized.  Therefore, beyond making lists, there are some steps to help you go through the process:

  1. Declutter, discard, sell, donate
  2. Clean and reorganize
  3. Identify priorities-needs over wants
  4. Consider the environment
  5. Start focusing on experiences and relationships
  6. Continually improve and change-be flexible
Declutter and stay organized - Minimalist Office - Gone Minimal
Declutter and stay organized

How to Become a Minimalist in 30 Days

To become a minimalist in 30 days, start small and have a plan.  Declutter, then discard/donate/sell that stuff you don’t need.  Next clean, reorganize, and identify your priorities in your life and home.  Consider the environment every time you shop for non-necessities like decorations, clothing, etc.  Then with practice it will become routine to prevent clutter, all within a month’s time!

Areas of Minimalist

Become a Minimalist at Home

When you look around your home, do you feel overwhelmed by all of the stuff?  Becoming a minimalist at home starts with decluttering and reorganizing.  Getting rid of the excessive belongings and clutter opens up a room, decreases the need for cleaning, and can make a home more comfortable and efficient.  Less stuff equals less stress! 

Become a Minimalist Woman

Regardless of where one starts, becoming a minimalist woman is very doable and even exhilarating.  There’s no need to participate in “fast fashion”, professional mani/pedis, or possessing purses for every outfit and occasion.  Women can pare down where they like and what works for them because it doesn’t have to be extreme.  There really is more beauty in natural, comfortable looks rather than under layers of brand names and makeup.

Woman in minimal kitchen - How To Become A Minimalist - Gone Minimal
Woman in minimal kitchen

Become a Minimalist with Clothes

Have you ever looked in your closet and thought-“I really don’t need all of this clothing”?  Consider becoming a minimalist with clothes!  Focus on what you need for function as well as comfort, and pare down to the minimums.  All you need is appropriate clothing for work, exercise, and leisure; then enough that you don’t have to do your laundry more than 1-2 times per week.  Not only will this save closet space, it will save water and electricity as well as the lifetime of your clothing!

Priority is placed on quality rather than quantity

Become a Minimalist with a Family

Becoming minimalist with a family is actually a great experience for children.  In this complex world of technology and gadgets, a minimalist family can help kids learn better, build better relationships, and bond with others even better.  Kids from minimalist families better appreciate learning and growing in a world that is uncomplicated with stuff.  Minimalist kids will learn the important life lessons quicker and just be better people.

Become a Simple Minimalist

In order to become a simple minimalist, do just that-keep it simple.  Whether you limit it to one room in your house or one aspect of your life, you make your own rules when it comes to simple minimalism.  The point is to take out things in life that are making things more complicated or stressful than necessary.  This way you create your own version of minimalism that works for you and your lifestyle.

Be simple - How To Be A Minimalist - Gone Minimal
Be simple

Marie Kondo Tidying Expert and Consultant, Creator of the Konmari Method

Marie Kondo, a Japanese minimalist, gained some traction globally in 2019 with the Netflix series “Tidying Up”.  Her method is going through possessions and finding those that “spark joy”, and discarding or donating those that do not.  She has been featured in articles about her decluttering and organizing skills and has a bestselling book about the KonMari MethodTM.

Joshua Becker Author; Place Importance of Decluttering With Value to Us

Joshua Becker has written 4 books regarding decluttering, minimalism, and finding a more meaningful life with less.  His blog,, helps people discover the minimalist lifestyle and pursue it on their own terms.

Courtney Carver Founder of Project 333, Focuses on Fashion Minimalism

Courtney Carver created Project 333 as well as the minimalist fashion challenge.  Her website,, as well as her book can help people declutter, simplify, and be happy with less.  She also keeps a blog, teaches courses on minimalism tips, and is host of a podcast for identifying what really matters to listeners.

Marie Kondo talks about her method in this super informative Ted Talk.

The Minimalists: Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus, Authors, Podcasters, and Creators of the 30-Day Minimalism Game

The Minimalists, Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus, started with a 21 day journey to become minimalists in 2009.  Since then they’ve kept a website, left corporate America, published books, and more to help inspire others to look at their own lives and pursue happiness beyond decluttering.  These two have helped people see than minimalism isn’t just about getting rid of stuff, but making more of things like peace, experiences, and freedom.

Is Becoming a Minimalist Worth It?

Becoming a minimalist is worth it because there is so much time, effort, money, and sanity saved.  It’s more work to participate in the rat race and keep up with the Joneses than to live life for experiences, memories, and relationships with others.

Is Becoming a Minimalist Bad?

Some people believe becoming a minimalist is bad because they believe there’s some pressure to do it a certain way.  Like having to do without certain things because it doesn’t “fit in” with minimalist beliefs and practices.  The real way is your way-and that’s a good thing.

Save money when you go minimal - How To Become A Minimalist - Gone Minimal
Save money when you go minimal

How Long Does It Take To Become a Minimalist?

It doesn’t take a long time to become a minimalist, but then again it depends on how far you take the practice.  Extreme minimalism, for example, takes some time and practice to work up to the major changes that are part of the lifestyle.  You can become a minimalist in just a matter of days, especially if you’re only minimizing a couple of things.  Realistically, 30 days is a sufficient period of time to become a minimalist.

Benefits Real People Would Seek By Becoming A Minimalist

I asked several family and friends to list 3 personal benefits they would seek by becoming a minimalist. Here is what they shared and what I learned from the poll:

BenefitTally of Family/Friends
Less clutter in my life3
Not caring what people think2
Save money4
More room3
Less cleaning2
Less stress3
Less worry5
Freedom from stuff2

Other Resources:

Becoming a minimalist can sound daunting, but with a little work and patience it will bring so much peace and joy to your life.  Remember-there are no rules, you do it in a way that works for you, and you’ll reap so many benefits.  Why not get started now?

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