Manifestation Methods & Techniques for Everyday People

Every human has desires, goals, and dreams. But not every human has the courage to voice their desires, pursue their goals, and allow themselves to dream. Why? Because of the fear of failure, the fear of their dreams/goals never coming to fruition. When I practice manifestation, I challenge those fears. 

Manifestation is voicing one’s desires to the universe/God and keeping that desire active in their mind. It is having complete faith that what one desires is what one will have. Manifestation methods are tools/exercises to help voice your desires and help keep them in mind. 

There are several ways to manifest what you desire. In this article, I’ll give you a breakdown of the different methods for you to try and some tips and advice for how to manifest what you truly desire. 

What are Manifestation Methods?

Manifestation methods are exercises that help you embody whatever you’re seeking. When it comes to actively manifesting something, the how can be confusing. That’s why following a specific technique or method can allow the necessary framework to start a practice of your own. 

A Woman Holding a Simple Plant - Manifestation Methods and Techniques - Gone Minimal
A Woman Holding a Simple Plant

I recommend reading through each method and trying whichever feels the most aligned or exciting. You can even try a few if you’d like. The most important part is that it resonates with you, and it’s something you can put your full faith into.

Before diving into the various methods, it’s important to note that following them isn’t required for calling in what you desire. All that is necessary is voicing a clear desire and having faith that you will receive it. These methods are simply tools to help you in your manifestation journey. 

The Main Manifestation Methods

Manifestation methods are techniques or practices used to attract and bring desired outcomes, experiences, or goals into reality. They work best when combined with practical efforts and actions toward achieving the desired outcomes. The following list contains the most tried-and-true manifestation methods. You’ll find a theme of repetition in many of them, and let me assure you, there is power in repetition! Let’s dive in. 

 Repetition helps to attract what we desire, keeps it fresh in our minds, and helps us trust.

369 Manifestation Method

This method is straightforward. It encourages you to write whatever you wish to manifest three times in the morning, six times in the afternoon, and nine times in the evening. Repetition helps attract what we desire, keeps it fresh in our minds, and builds trust. 

There is significance in the numbers three, six, and nine. Based on numerology and spiritual texts, three is a divine number. The holy trinity (God, Jesus, and The Holy Spirit) is an excellent example. Three also represent creativity, communication, and child-like curiosity. 

A Simple Rosary - Manifestation Method and Techniques - Gone Minimal
A Simple Rosary

Six represents harmony, stability, and nurture. Think of tending a garden and nurturing little seedlings. It’s a grounding and reciprocal energy. 

Nine represents transition and transformation. The ending of one cycle and the beginning of the next. Nine welcomes change and dramatic shifts in one’s life. 

As you might imagine, all of these elements are fundamental aspects of manifestation. By writing your affirmation using the 369 manifestation method, you can utilize the energies of these numbers and benefit from the power of repetition. Even if you don’t believe in numerology, these numbers represent helpful mindsets when manifesting.  

444 Manifestation

This method has you speak, think, and/or write your affirmation or desire 44 times a day for four days (44×4). Whew! That’s quite a lot, but you’ll be sending out strong manifestation desires with this method! 

A Simple Heart of Lights - Manifestation Methods and Techniques - Gone Minimal
A Simple Heart of Lights

In numerology, 444 is an angel number representing abundance, love, and spiritual guidance. It’s a reminder that the spirit is always with you and guiding you to your next highest potential.

555 Manifestation

This method is quite similar to the 444 method, but instead of writing your affirmation 44×4, you write (or speak/think it) 55 times for five days. 555 is a powerful angel number representing transformation that aligns with your true self. It is suggested that when this number shows up, it’s a sign that you are being divinely guided to transform your life. Using the 55×5 manifestation method, you can call upon the powerful energies representing 555 to help you bring your desire into reality. 

Scripting Manifestation

This method implements an essential part of manifestation: visualizing yourself with what you’re calling in. For example, let’s say you want to manifest a new job opportunity. Imagine what that new job would look like, and visualize yourself in the position you want. You allow yourself to be filled with gratitude and joy for receiving what you desire. 

Simply Writing in a Journal - Manifestation Methods and Techniques - Gone Minimal
Simply Writing in a Journal

Scripting manifestation uses writing, rather than visualization, to describe receiving your desire. Not everyone can hold a visualization of themselves with their gift, which is why scripting manifestation can be highly beneficial. 

When using this method, write down what you wish to manifest, and then feel free to be as detailed as you wish about what having that desire would look like. Remember what you wrote/visualized whenever you’re faced with doubt and lean into trust and gratitude. 

Spiritual Manifestation

Manifestation, at its root, is spiritual. It’s a belief in the mystical, in miracles, and something that is beyond our scope of reality. It requires a tremendous amount of faith in the mystery and trust that you are taken care of and you can receive the universe’s blessings. 

I believe, that as long as you commit to following your true path; that which is most aligned for you – you will naturally be blessed by the spirit.

To truly manifest what you desire, it’s important to understand what you believe in. Then, you must ask yourself if you trust this source. Do you truly trust that which is not visible? That which is so beyond our human minds it’s hard to comprehend?

Most of us do not trust this invisible force, and there’s no reason to judge ourselves for this; it’s just time to be honest about where we’re at. Then, find that place you can lean into and see what it would be like to trust FULLY. This is spiritual manifestation at its core. Trust, openness, and belief. 

Women Watching the Moon - Manifestation Methods and Techniques - Gone Minimal
Women Watching the Moon

Full Moon Manifestation

The full moon is a wonderful time to use the powerful energies of the moon and call in what you desire. For this practice, I like to set an intention/write an affirmation on the new moon, then sit with that affirmation and keep it in my mind up until the full moon. Then, when the moon peaks in its fullness (or the hours before), you can perform a ritual to call in what you desire. 

You also don’t have to perform a full moon ritual if that isn’t your thing. You can simply sit out under the moon, feel the grace of its silver light, and focus on what you wish to call in. 

Manifestation Affirmations

When you want to manifest something, you create an affirmation that you focus on and repeat. This is what you would write in the 369, 444, and 555 methods. When manifesting, instead of ‘asking’ the universe what you desire, you declare it through an affirmation.

Holding a Simple Camera - Manifestation Methods and Techniques - Gone Minimal
Holding a Simple Camera

Research on the construction system of the brain published in the Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society by Demis Hassabis and Eleanor A. Maguire suggests the ability to create a hypothetical situation in one’s imagination before it actually occurs may present greater accuracy in predicting its eventual outcome. Here are some examples: 

“I will receive a new job promotion. I trust in the blessings of the Universe.” 

“I want a reliable car. It always works, always a blessing.” 

“I trust that I will meet my future spouse at the perfect timing, in the perfect place.” 

“I trust in the blessings of the spirit, and I know it will bless me with financial security.” 

“I am healing every day.” 

Manifestation Tips and Advice 

In some ways, manifestation has gotten a bad rap. This is because many articles just focus on romance, designer items, and money. While calling these things in is beautiful and worthy, we also need to get real and honest about some things before we start calling them in. 

For starters, manifestation doesn’t have to be complicated, nor is following any of the above methods absolutely necessary. They’re helpful for some and not so much for others. I believe that as long as you commit to following your true path, that which is most aligned for you – you will naturally be blessed by the spirit.

A Women Sitting by the Water - Manifestation Methods and Techniques - Gone Minimal
A Women Sitting by the Water

Manifesting your desires and happiness can put you on the path to a more successful life.  A study on positive thinking and happiness In the Psychological Bulletin by Sonja Lyubomirsky and Laura King found that happy people owe their success, in part, to their optimism and positive thinking. I also think it’s important to get down to the root of your desire. Here are some questions to ask yourself: 

“Where is this desire coming from?” 

“Is this desire aligned with my heart and my authentic self? Or is it coming from my ego?” 

“Am I ready to receive what I desire?” 

“Am I unconsciously limiting myself or blocking blessings from the universe?” 

If you’re interested in checking out another method not listed in this article, check out this YouTuber who shares her secret to manifesting the life of her dreams. I know I’m certainly going to try it!

Related Insights

How do you manifest a friend?

If you would like to manifest a friend, declare it to the universe/whatever you believe in, and create an affirmation that you can repeat in moments of doubt/fear. Be clear on what it is you would like in a friend. Trust the timing of things! Some things don’t happen right away, so it’s important to be patient. 

How do you manifest a guy?

Be clear on what kind of guy you would like to manifest. What are his values and strengths? It’s also important to check in with yourself and see if any inner work needs to begin before calling this person in. Once that is all clear, make a declaration, write an affirmation, and trust in the perfect timing of things. 

How do you manifest what you want by writing it down?

Writing is a great way to find clarity about what you desire and keep your mind focused on it. 

How do you write a manifestation letter to the universe?

It’s easy; just start writing about what you desire. Be clear and honest. Don’t be wishy-washy. Make sure to end it with gratitude and joy for the blessings to come.

Ways That Real People Practice Manifestation

Since there are many ways to manifest what you desire, I asked a few of my friends and family to share what ways they practice manifestation in their life. Here’s what I discovered from the poll and what I learned from their responses: 

PracticeTimes Selected
Scripting Manifestation13%
Actively thinking about it 7%
Faith + trust that God wants the best for me7%
New Moon Intention setting 13%
Full Moon manifestation13%
Oracle Deck 7%
How Real People Practice Manifestation

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Final Thoughts

Manifestation is an invaluable tool that each of us can use. By utilizing a method that feels aligned with who we are, we can actively manifest that which we most desire. Now that you have the tools and resources to start manifesting, I encourage you to go ahead and try one of the methods today and for the next few weeks. See what happens! 

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