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Minimalism for moms may sound like an oxymoron, but if you think about it-moms don’t actually need all of those things for their children.  You can be practical and prepared-even without all of the fancy stuff.

Minimalism for moms is raising babies and children without all of the bells and whistles.  It’s about registering for the items you actually need, using multipurpose items rather than specialized items, and teaching children about the minimalist lifestyle for living with more purpose.

Do you look around and feel like you’re drowning in your children’s toys and supplies?  Is it really necessary to have all of those supplies in the baby store?

What Is Minimalism for Moms

Minimalism for moms is being practical about all of the support tools and things you use for your child or children.  Minimalists focus on “less is more”, living intentionally, and using those things that have multiple purposes.  So when it comes to being a mom-it’s about not falling for all of the bells and whistles that are available at the baby supercenter.

Minimalism for moms focuses on simplifying and decluttering different aspects of motherhood. It involves consciously choosing to prioritize what is essential, reducing excess, and creating more space for meaningful experiences and relationships with your children.

Mom with baby - Minimalism For Moms - Gone Minimal
Mom with baby

Being a Mom in a Minimalist Family

When you’re a mom, you’re usually the main example for your children in everything you do and say.  When you’re a mom in a minimalist family, you demonstrate to your children that they really don’t need the latest technology, the coolest toys, the entire brand collection, or even brand name anything. 

You (and your partner/spouse) are there to teach your children the value of money, the importance of family time, the joy of nature, and the ways of the world.  You learn with time and experience that you can teach and entertain your children without television, toys, or stuff.

Minimalism and Parenting

If you’re a parent you already know that parenting can be challenging at times, and converting to a minimalist lifestyle with children can be a bit difficult until you get started.  If minimalism is new to you and you’re considering becoming a parent, read on to learn more about how easily minimalism and parenting is to accomplish.  A bit of early advice-try to make this lifestyle change before getting pregnant!

Minimal baby room - Minimalism For Moms - Gone Minimal
Baby room

Minimalism Baby Registry

It can be incredibly overwhelming to go in a baby supply store and create a baby registry-do we really need all of these things??  Most likely no.  Think of the basics, the safety, and the absolute requirements.  You don’t need special strollers for walking, jogging, and trails-you just need a multi-function stroller that can handle all three. 

You also don’t need to carry a diaper bag AND your purse-you can keep diaper changing supplies and your wallet in one bag.  Babies also don’t really need a Moses basket, a playpen, and a crib-consider a multi-stage crib that converts to a toddler bed then to a full size headboard.  Register for diapers in multiple sizes, diaper cream, bathing supplies, and weather-appropriate onesies.  Don’t forget to add gift cards as well!

Minimalism Newborn Parenting

As challenging as life is with a new baby, consider minimalism newborn parenting to make things simpler.  There’s already so much to do from feeding and changing diapers to laundry and housework, and on minimal (pardon the pun) sleep!  When utilizing minimalism with parenting a newborn, you’re using resources more efficiently and saving time. 

Parenting - Minimalism For Moms - Gone Minimal

Because you don’t actually need all of the bells and whistles the registry employees made you think you do, there’s less to mess with and less to clean and sanitize.  All you really need is the staple wardrobe for the newborn (a few onesies, socks, and swaddling blankets), diapers, wipes, and diaper cream, body wash and shampoo, towels, and feeding supplies (burp cloths, bottles and nipples for formula, nursing pillow with washable cover).  Keeping this minimal reduces the clutter in your home you could step on or trip over in your sleep-deprived state!

Minimalism Motherhood

Minimalism motherhood isn’t just about the bare necessities-it’s also about teaching your children about the minimalist lifestyle.  Children don’t need every toy in the store, they need nature.  Try to avoid too much television or electronics as these don’t teach them the things they really need to know. 

Teach your children about cleaning, where food comes from, animal care, laundry, and playing nice.  These lessons will be much more valuable to them in the long run than the latest episode of Paw Patrol (although every once in a while this is fine if you need a break!).  Keep things simple and teach your children to appreciate the simple things in life.  Trust me-they’ll thank you!

Baby and a puppy - Minimalism For Moms - Gone Minimal
Baby and a puppy

Minimalism and Meal Planning

Meal planning is very simple with the minimalism method.  Minimalism and meal planning means using lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and some meat products OR legumes.  When you look at the grocery store layout, the only things you REALLY need to eat healthy are on the perimeter of the store.  Using these staple items, create a meal plan for each day (breakfast, lunch, dinner, a couple of snacks) and try to avoid the sweets and excessive fats. 

When you plan just right, minimalist meal planning can get you only cooking dinner about three times a week, with leftovers for the other days of the week.  Fruits and vegetables may be a little pricier than the boxed and bagged snacks, but they fill kids up longer and are better for them in the long run!

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How Can I Be a Minimalist Mother?

You can be a minimalist mother by focusing on the things that really matter.  It’s not the toys, television, or comparing yourself to other moms next door or on social media.  Focus on your child(ren) and their needs as well as your own, because you know what your children need to know.  Make learning fun, involve your children in cleaning and cooking, and play outside as much as you can!

Where Do Minimalist Mothers Live?

There’s no one area that minimalist mothers live-they’re everywhere!  You work with them, they’re next door to you, they live near your family members.  You never know-you could even be some form of minimalist and not even know it!

Here are 10 super helpful tips on how to be a more minimalist mom.

How Can a Family Become a Minimalist?

It can be a bit more challenging to convert to the minimalist lifestyle with babies and kids, but it is very possible.  Start by learning exactly what you need to care for infants and babies safely and effectively.  Talk to experienced parents to learn more.  Make sure your partner/spouse is on board with you and talk about what minimalism would look like for your family.  Identify your needs and wants, and teach your children at the same time.  Then declutter, focus on family, and live more intentionally! 

Items Real Moms Often Use In Place Of Other Items

I asked 5 moms to list 3 items they often use, which take the place of many items. For example, a diaper purse instead of a diaper bag and a purse. Here is what they shared and what I learned from the poll:

Item Often UsedTally of Moms
Port-a-crib for crib, playpen, and same-room sleeping as well as travel11
Backpack for diaper bag, purse/wallet, feeding supplies111
Dresser with changing pad/station on top11
Multi-stage car seat111
Trashcan with lid instead of specialized diaper pail1111
Insulated lunch bag for breastmilk/formula/baby food111
Food processor for homemade baby food instead of food jars11

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Minimalism for moms can be a great deal simpler than you think, and it can be whatever you want and actually fits your needs.  There are no rules to minimalism (although I don’t recommend the change when you’ve got a newborn)!!  Through identifying the things you really need, focusing on family and life, and using multipurpose items can save you a great deal of time, money, and sanity!  How will you get started converting to minimalism for moms?

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