Minimalist Abstract Art – Visual and Aesthetic Beauty

There are so many different art styles available. There’s painting, sculpture, and photography; then there’s realism, composite, and cubism; it goes on forever! When I’m looking for a certain type of art to fit in my home or office and don’t know what would work, I like to turn to minimalist abstract art.

Minimalist abstract art is straightforward, with basic shapes and minimal colors, with nothing hidden or to interpret.  Characteristics are repeated forms, few brush strokes, precision, and no emotion.  Types of minimalist abstract art include line, DIY, modern, and black & white.  

Do you have a wall in your home that lacks that perfect piece of artwork?  Are you looking for something simple, abstract, or precise and relaxing over your fireplace? Minimalist abstract art can add that simplistic touch and can be found in museums, homes, and online marketplaces.

What Is Minimalist Abstract Art?

Minimalist abstract art is characterized by its simplicity, use of geometric shapes, and reduction of elements to their essential form. Minimalist abstract art seeks to eliminate unnecessary details, focusing on clarity, precision, and the relationship between the elements within the artwork. Minimalist abstract art uses a limited color palette with neutral tones and basic geometric shapes to emphasize the purity and simplicity of the composition.

Minimalist abstract art started popping up in the 1960s and was considered pretty radical.  It often consisted of shapes like rectangles and squares and very few colors.  There’s nothing hidden in minimalist abstract art — no emotion, no symbolism, and only the essentials.  There’s nothing to interpret — it’s just a simple piece of art.

Modern Minimalist Art - Minimalist Abstract Art - Gone Minimal
Modern Minimalist Art

Characteristics of Minimalist Abstract Art

Minimalist abstract art focuses mainly on the necessities but with simplicity to create a beautiful work of art.  It’s not complex; there’s nothing to decode or figure out, just simple lines, shapes, and colors.  Some other characteristics of minimalist abstract art include the following:

  1. Repeated geometric forms
  2. Basic elements
  3. No or few visible brush strokes
  4. Precision
  5. Mathematically regular composition
  6. Hard-edged forms
  7. Monochromatic or few colors
  8. Devoid of emotion
  9. Relaxing to look at

Minimalist abstract art may contain one or two of these characteristics, while others may display all of the above.  Yet-it’s not complex or overwhelming.  What do you think so far — this sounds pretty interesting, right?  If you’re not intrigued enough or sold yet on minimalist abstract art, let’s look at some different types.

Simplistic Art - Minimalist Abstract Art - Gone Minimal
Simplistic Art

Types of Minimalist Abstract Art

Naderi, Sadeqzade, and Shapourian of Shahid Rajaee University define minimalism in art as the ending of modern and beginning of new postmodern art, impacting contemporary and graphic designers globally. It may be minimalist, but there are several different types of minimalist abstract art.  From lines to paintings, there’s certainly one to fit your taste and your space!

DIY minimalist abstract art is simple shapes, objects, lines, and figures that you create with a paintbrush, a stencil, or freehand.

Minimalist Line Art

Lovisa Carlsson of Umea University tells us that minimalist art reduces designs to the essential elements. So, minimalist line art is about as minimalist as art can get!  In this type of abstract art, there is typically a figure, a full or partial face, or an object like a vase or flower drawn simply with lines and in abstract form.  These are typically black and white but sometimes will have just a single color incorporated.  So if you’re looking for something simple that fits with any décor, minimalist line art may be just what you like.

DIY Minimalist Abstract Art

If you don’t think you could make your own art, you might be surprised!  DIY minimalist abstract art is simple shapes, objects, lines, and figures that you create with a paintbrush, a stencil, or freehand.  Perhaps even spray paint if you’re so inclined! 

A Simple Blank Canvas - Minimalist Abstract Art - Gone Minimal
A Simple Blank Canvas

You can incorporate any colors or go with black and white, whatever your heart desires and décor calls for.  You could paint a fruit, beach, tree, or even simple color blocks.  All you need is a canvas, acrylic, oil-based, water-based, or watercolor paint, and a few paintbrushes — then let your imagination run wild!

Modern Minimalist Abstract Art

There are a few different takes on modern minimalist abstract art.  This style varies from a few thick black squiggly lines to a colorful abstract representation of the sun over multicolored mountains.  Some are colorful, while others are subdued in color, and all are very interesting and creative. 

This style coordinates well with various others and can be a great conversation piece over a fireplace, in a bedroom, or even in an office.  Modern minimalist art can be as straightforward or abstract as you’d like to see in your living space.

If you’re looking for something that coordinates with everything, there’s black and white minimalist abstract art.

Minimalist Abstract Art Paintings

Minimalist abstract art paintings are an interesting and sometimes colorful way to express yourself.  From several multicolored brush strokes in muted colors to blocks of blue in varying shades, minimalist abstract art paintings take it to another level.  From oil-based to watercolor, minimalist abstract art paintings have many options available for every taste.  You can choose from no visible brushstrokes to one with some texture; it’ll go well in any home.

A Simple Abstract Painting - Minimalist Abstract Art - Gone Minimal
A Simple Abstract Painting

Black and White Minimalist Abstract Art

If you’re looking for something that coordinates with everything, there’s black and white minimalist abstract art.  With few colors and an array of shapes and brushstrokes, this type of minimalist art is simple and relaxing to view.  It could be a simplified mountainscape, a few assorted shapes overlaid with a leafy branch, or even a few random brush strokes or lines across the canvas.  With just black and white and shades of gray, this minimalist abstract art will fit any room, color scheme, and home style. 

Where to Buy or Find Minimalist Abstract Art

There are many different sources for finding and buying minimalist abstract art.  From local galleries and museums to online sellers like Amazon and Etsy, the only thing you need to determine is a comfortable price range.  If you’re uninspired by what you find, you can always reach out to artists and request what you’re looking for or consider creating your own minimalist abstract art!  Here are just a few places to consider looking to buy or find minimalist abstract art:

  1. Home décor stores
  2. Furniture stores
  3. Antique stores
  4. Art stores
  5. Art shows
  6. Craft stores
  7. Art gallery
  8. Museums
  9. Auctions
  10. Garage sales

In this helpful video, learn how to make easy DIY  minimalist abstract artwork on a budget and give your living room a complete makeover.

Related Insights

Is abstract art simplified?

Yes, you could say abstract art is simplified.  Abstract art focuses on simplified forms of figures, landscapes, or even complex objects that have been structured or simplified.  There are, however, some abstract art that has some complexity with shapes, colors, and even textures.

What is the focus of minimalist art?

The focus of minimalist art is the primary or essential elements of a piece of art.  It looks at how it occupies the space and the interaction with viewers.  It’s not about interpretation but how it makes you feel.

Why is simple abstract art so expensive?

There are several reasons why simple abstract art is so expensive.  Many see it as an investment worth spending more money on.  Then there’s conspicuous consumption, which is spending money on high-end and luxury items to make it look like one has power.  There’s also market speculation, meaning it may not be worth that much right now, but one forecasts that it will resell at a much higher price in the future.

The Characteristic Real People Like Most About Minimalist Abstract Art

I asked friends and family if they had heard of minimalist abstract art and what they like most about it. Here is what they shared and what I learned from the poll, and the percentages of their responses. 

CharacteristicTimes Selected
Few colors29%
Abstract but recognizable14%
A little crazy14%
Characteristics Real People Like About Minimalist Abstract Art

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Minimalist abstract art is an exciting and eye-catching journey into an artist’s mind.  There are no rules to minimalist abstract art, whether you’re looking for a simple line drawing or colorful coast art.  It’s creative, soothing, easily coordinated, and ranges from light to dark and reasonably priced to highly valuable.  With so many options available, you just can’t go wrong with this art style in your home or office.  

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