Minimalist Bathroom – Guide to Making a Simple Sanctuary

The bathroom is an essential place in the home for self-care and its aesthetic should be clean and serene.  Minimalist bathrooms are just that – uncluttered, peaceful, and functional yet beautiful in their simplicity.  We’re going to look at what makes a minimalist bathroom and how you can achieve a similar look in your home.

Minimalist bathrooms are uncluttered and peaceful, focused on needs and not wants.  Essentials are pared down to a few necessary items for self-care, all stored neatly.  With functional spaces and everything within reach, minimalist bathrooms are easy to clean and maximize the available space.

Are you looking for a way to maximize your bathroom space without adding to it?  Do you feel overwhelmed by all of the stuff in your bathroom and unsure about how to better organize it?

What Is a Minimalist Bathroom?

To begin with, minimalists are those who follow the “less is more” principle in their approach to belongings.  Therefore, a minimalist bathroom is uncluttered, serene, and contains mostly needs rather than wants.  These bathrooms are not flashy, but toned down in terms of colors with white or neutral walls and bright white sinks and tubs.

Key features of a minimalist bathroom include:

  1. Neutral colors
  2. Limited decor
  3. Empty space
  4. Clean surfaces
  5. Functional lighting
  6. Simple fixtures
  7. Clean lines
  8. Nature elements
Minimalist bathroom - Minimalist Bathroom - Gone Minimal
Minimalist bathroom

What Are the Essentials in a Minimalist Bathroom?

Minimalists don’t collect a great deal of belongings, and this applies to their bathrooms as well.  The essentials in a minimalist bathroom are those things that are used daily or often, and this applies to not just linens but also personal hygiene supplies.  Here’s a list of the essentials you’ll most likely find:

  • Bath towels (about 4)
  • Washcloths (about 4)
  • Neutral bath mat
  • Simple containers to hide tools (cotton swabs, facial tissues, makeup remover, etc.)
  • Drawers for skin care, makeup, hair care products, etc.
  • Cabinets for facial care products, oral care products, medications, etc.
  • Shelves for linens and toilet paper
  • Soap, toothbrush in a holder, and toothpaste on the countertop, plus maybe a plant for a splash of color

Of course every bathroom is structurally a little different, so organization and nice storage options like baskets and containers are used to maximize the storage while keeping with the minimalist aesthetic.

What Is a Modern Minimalist Bathroom?

A modern minimalist bathroom will have all of the essentials in a neatly organized space.  There are neutral colors or a palette of white, with natural materials like wood in cabinet spaces and shelving.  There are clean lines, the space flows well, and there is soft lighting or natural light from a window or skylight.  The space is maximized for function as well as storage. 

Keep it tidy and organized - Minimal Bathroom - Gone Minimal
Keep it tidy and organized

Shapes are similar throughout the modern minimalist bathroom, i.e. a square mirror above a square sink next to a modern toilet and rectangular tub.  The bathroom mirrors conceal medicine cabinets.  There may be recessed areas above the sink or toilet for shelves or storage, so the bathroom feels open and spacious.  It is an aesthetically calming space, up-to-date and relaxing for preparing for your day or for bed.

Minimalist Bathrooms Based on Size

Small – A small bathroom is perfect for the minimalist aesthetic as clutter can make a space feel smaller.  In a smaller bathroom you optimize little to no storage space with baskets or neutral-colored containers.  All of the paper products and linens are neatly lined on shelves to give a more organized look.  Toiletries are kept behind cabinet doors to also prevent the cluttered look.  Everything is within reach yet hidden from plain view.

Master Bathroom – The master bathroom is one of the most important rooms in the home, and it should look and feel relaxing.  As the larger bathroom in most houses, the master usually has more available storage but also accommodates two people.  As with small bathrooms, containers can be used to disguise the necessities and keep the uncluttered look.  Neutral or soothing color tones throughout the space make it welcoming and soothing. 

Bathroom hooks for organization - Minimalist Bathroom - Gone Minimal
Bathroom hooks for organization

Minimalist Bathroom Decor

Mirror – The mirror in a minimalist bathroom will be standard, no frills.  It could be a big mirror or a smaller simply framed mirror.  There could be a round mirror to match with a round sink underneath, or the standard square.

 Sink – Minimalist sinks are simple, they save space, and flow with the room.  They may be set within the countertop, or set underneath.  They’re easy to clean and just big enough to be functional, while still looking nice.  The sink is often one of the items your eye is drawn to first in a minimalist bathroom.

Vanity – The vanity in a minimalist bathroom will be simple and easy to clean, white or muted colors (like a white and gray marble slab), with only the necessities in plain view.  It will be uncluttered and functional but also pleasing to the eye.  The vanity can unify the bathroom space by utilizing the color scheme-gray accents match gray linens and gray tile accents in the shower or on the floor.

Minimal bathroom vanity - Minimalist Bathroom - Gone Minimal
Minimal bathroom vanity

Lighting – Natural lighting is preferred in the minimalist bathroom, so windows and skylights are sometimes used.  Where these options aren’t possible there is simple lighting, not too bright or dark, energy-efficient fixtures that match the color palette of the rest of the bathroom.  It’s enough light to get ready for work or bed without being harsh.

Color – Colors in a minimalist bathroom are white, pale, muted, and soothing.  It looks clean and everything coordinates with each other.  In some cases there will be low-light plants for a touch of bright color and nature.  There are soothing palettes of whites and grays or browns, and it all pulls together with natural wood or stone.

Minimalist bathrooms are uncluttered and peaceful, focused on needs and not wants.  Essentials are pared down to a few necessary items for self-care, all stored neatly.

Minimalist Bathroom Organization

Bathrooms aren’t usually known for their storage space, so it’s important to optimize what’s present.  In a minimalist bathroom there are still plenty of things to store so the cabinets, shelves, and drawers are used efficiently.  Everything has its place, is easy to find, and looks organized well.  Bathroom towels and washcloths are folded neatly and placed behind cabinet doors or stacked neatly on shelves. 

Toiletries are placed in drawers and medicine cabinets for easy reach and storage.  Where there is open shelving, things are placed neatly and thoughtfully without appearing cluttered.  There is nothing in excess-everything has its place and everything has a purpose.

Organized essentials = minimal - Minimalist Bathroom - Gone Minimal
Organized essentials = minimal

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How Do I Make My Bathroom Minimalist?

The first step to make your bathroom minimalist is to declutter.  Get rid of all the things you don’t use to create more storage space and clear off the counter space.  Next, utilize drawers and cabinets for hairbrushes, lotions, deodorant, and all of the daily use items-they don’t need to be on display!  You may find you feel less stressed getting ready for work in the morning or bed at night when you’re not looking at all of the stuff sitting out!

What Bathroom Sinks Are in Style in 2020?

Bathroom sinks in the 2020s are very modern and elegant, while saving space and water.  They’re easy to clean, come in different colors, and have distinct lines that flow with the rest of the space.  Speaking of color, they coordinate with the other colors in the bathroom-countertops, flooring, walls, tub, etc.

Here is a super helpful video with tips on how to organize and have a minimal bathroom.

What Is a Contemporary Bathroom?

A contemporary bathroom is considered trendy or popular at a given time.  So it will have colors, designs, and aesthetics that are on-trend for the year it is designed. 

What Real People Want Most in Their Bathroom

I asked several friends or family members to list 3-4 things they want most (or have) in a bathroom. It could be a style, object, color, furniture, etc. Here is what they shared and what I learned from the poll:

ItemTally of Family/Friends
Dual sinks5
Water closet4
Jetted tub5
Separate shower2
Soothing wall color3
Soft lighting2

Other Resources:

In the housing market the bathrooms are one of the biggest selling points of a home.  The minimalist aesthetic can have a calming and pleasing effect on those who enter.  With soft lighting, clean lines, easy to clean surfaces, and maximized storage, a minimalist bathroom can be a great way to prepare for the day or for bedtime.  Ready to declutter your bathroom to achieve the same look in your home?  There’s no time like the present!

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