Minimalist Bed Frame – Simple Style for Relaxing Decor

You’re looking to upgrade your bedroom and replace some furniture, but you don’t want the standard bed frame like in the furniture showrooms.  Perhaps a minimalist bed frame is just what you’re looking for!

Minimalist bed frames are created to be simple and essential in function and materials. From king to single size there is the right size minimalist bed frame for your room and needs. Made from natural materials in multiple styles, there’s a minimalist bed frame to meet your taste and your budget.

Are you in the market for a new bed frame but don’t want anything big or chunky?  Are you interested in the minimalist style, but unsure about minimalist bed frames?

What Is a Minimalist Bed Frame?

To begin with, minimalism is often used for clarity and focus in a world of austerity and scarcity according to author Olga Mironova.  A minimalist bed frame is one that is designed using the minimalist principle of “less is more”.  It is essential in its function, form, as well as materials it is made from to keep it simple.  A minimalist bed frame is made simply to support a mattress and not take up a great deal of space.  This style of bed frame will also look nice in any minimalist bedroom.

Bed with white linens - Minimalist Bed Frame - Gone Minimal
Bed with white linens

Sizes of Minimalist Bed Frames

When you’re in the market for a new bed, it’s good to know what size you need.  From a small bedroom to a couple who likes space for sleep, there’s the right size of minimalist bed frame for you.  The question to ponder-according to graduate student Erik Sandsten from KTH Royal Institute of Technology, “Is the desired outcome to give the rooms the illusion of largeness?”  Definitely something to consider!

King Size Minimalist Bed Frame

For the couple who likes a roomy bed that doesn’t stick out or engulf a bedroom, there’s king size minimalist bed frames.  From the classic platform to low profile with a shelf, there are plenty of options to meet the needs of whoever will relax and sleep there.  Even if you’re single and want a king size bed, this style of bed won’t feel like it takes up the whole bedroom.

A minimalist bed frame is one that is designed using the minimalist principle of “less is more”.  It is essential in its function, form, as well as materials it is made from to keep it simple.

Queen Size Minimalist Bed Frame

For a smaller bedroom, a single sleeper, or the couple who doesn’t need more bed space, there are queen size minimalist bed frames.  Also available in platforms and low profiles, even with simple headboards and storage underneath.  These are great for medium to large sized bedrooms, apartments, and any size home without taking up too much space.

Full Size Minimalist Bed Frame

When you want the upgrade from a twin size bed but don’t need a whole lot of sleeping space, there’s full size minimalist bed frames.  From children to teenagers to single sleepers and couples, these bed frames are the perfect size and low profile for a smaller bedroom or where you don’t want the focus to be the bed. 

Bed with wooden headboard - Minimalist Bed Frame - Gone Minimal
Bed with wooden headboard

Types of Minimalist Bed Frames

There are various types of minimalist bed frames that align with the clean and simple aesthetics of minimalism. When selecting a minimalist bed frame, consider factors such as the material, color, size, and overall design that best align with your personal style and the aesthetic you wish to achieve in your bedroom.

After you’ve considered the size you want, there are several types of minimalist bed frames to consider next.  From materials to frame height, headboard to storage, let’s look at some different types of minimalist bed frames.

Wood Minimalist Bed Frame

If you’re looking for something classic and natural, consider a wood minimalist bed frame.  These bed frames are simple and sturdy, from platform to low profile, in many different sizes and types.  There’s even different types of wood, finishes, and snap together styles for any minimalist bedroom.

Metal Minimalist Bed Frame

For those who are a fan of the industrial look, there are metal minimalist bed frames.  These also come in different finishes and styles, some virtually invisible under the mattress and some that have headboards and storage available.  Some of these are made with a combination of metal and wood in various colors and stains.  These look great in modern or industrial apartments, traditional homes, and even tiny homes.

Bed with low, minimal bed frame - Minimalist Bed Frame - Gone Minimal
Bed with low, minimal bed frame

Minimalist Bed Frame with Storage

When you need a minimalist bed frame but don’t want to lose storage space, there are some available with just that!  From a shelf on a headboard to taller legs to allow storage underneath, there are minimalist bed frames with storage to meet all of your bedroom needs.  Whether its shelves, drawers, or just enough height to allow space to slide storage boxes underneath, the choice is yours and it’s available!

Minimalist Bed Frame Headboard

With the less is more principle in mind, there are many different takes on a minimalist bed frame headboard.  From a single piece of classic wood to a cushioned headboard, you can always find a minimalist bed frame headboard you love.  Some of these look really nice with the way the boards are laid out-simple yet beautiful.

Platform Minimalist Bed Frame

Platform minimalist bed frames are classic, low or standard profile, and often barely noticeable.  These can be pure mattress support to a cushioned wrap-around platform that’s modern yet warm.  Platform minimalist bed frames are great for any size room and are the perfect height if you’re looking for something low profile.

Simple wooden bed frame - Minimalist Bed Frame - Gone Minimal
Simple wooden bed frame

Styles of Minimalist Bed Frames

Going beyond the materials and types of minimalist bed frames, the next thing to consider is style.  If you’re trying to achieve a certain look and not sure what you’re interested in, let’s look at some different styles of minimalist bed frames available.

Modern Minimalist Bed Frame

There are several different types of minimalist bed frames that are considered modern.  Made with simple, clean lines and materials like wood and metal, modern minimalist bed frames fit in well in any modern minimalist bedroom.  There are simple platform wooden frames to metal pipes to fit with any décor and any taste.

Singapore Minimalist Bed Frame

This style of bed frame is a bit more upscale with simple legs, made of wood, with some cushioned surrounds and headboards in some cases.  Singapore minimalist bed frames range from simple classic wood to hotel-inspired cushioning and fabrics.  These bed frames are also available with storage if you want.

 Japanese Minimalist Bed Frame

The Japanese have a connection with nature, and Japanese minimalist bed frames reflect just that.  Made of natural materials, these bed frames are built low to the ground, low profile, with simplicity and nature in mind.  These come in multiple finishes and variations in the style including the lowest profile, with and without headboards, and storage space and shelving as well.

Cozy dog sleeping in bed - Minimalist Bed Frame - Gone Minimal
Cozy dog sleeping in bed

Minimalist Bed Frames based on Budget

Now that you’ve got the size, material, and style in mind-let’s talk minimalist bed frames based on budget.

Cheap Minimalist Bed Frame

Don’t be misled by the word here-cheap does not mean poor quality!  You don’t have to spend an arm and a leg when there are lots of cheap (and very nice!) minimalist bed frames for the choosing.  They’re still made from quality materials, with simplicity and clean lines, and just the right look to fit exactly what you want. 

DIY Minimalist Bed Frame

DIY minimalist bed frames can be made from simple materials from wood or used palettes to reclaimed doors and old bed frames.  There are many online tutorials, inspiration boards, and how-tos to help you create the DIY minimalist bed frame that is perfect for you!

Luxury Minimalist Bed Frame

When you want something super nice and high quality, you can peruse luxury minimalist bed frames.  These are made of the finest natural materials, are simply beautiful, and built to last a lifetime.  It’s worth splurging for a luxury minimalist bed frame for durability as well as comfort for sleep.

Want to DIY your own bed frame? Check out this super easy and minimalist plywood bed tutorial:

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Is a Bed Frame Really Necessary?

You can actually choose to forgo a bed frame!  If you want simple, low to the ground, or just don’t have the means to purchase a bed frame, it’s fine to place a mattress on the floor.  A bed frame (and sometimes a box spring) can extend the life of a mattress however-and getting out of bed from a slightly higher position can be easier on the joints!

What Are Low Beds Called?

Low beds can be platform beds or low profile beds.  A platform bed is just a sturdy base that holds the mattress low to the floor.  Low profile beds are frames that are simply designed and lower to the floor for ease of use.

Do Bed Frames Make You Sleep Better?

In some cases bed frames can make you sleep better because of the support for the mattress.  With a bed frame under the mattress, there aren’t any sags in the mattress due to lack of support, which makes you more comfortable and contributes to better sleep.

Breakfast in bed - Minimalist Bed Frame - Gone Minimal
Breakfast in bed

The Most Sought Out Qualities In A Bed Frame

I asked 5 friends/family to list the qualities they look for in a bed frame. Ex: (Storage, height, ease of setup/moving, material, etc.). This is what I discovered:

Storage space9%

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Choosing a bed frame can be a big deal, and you want to make the right decision!  With so many options available, minimalist bed frames can be a good choice for any home.  This can maximize your budget, your space, and even your comfort.  When you’re furnishing your bedroom, the focus should be on the essentials-support, comfort, and durability.  Minimalist bed frames can check all of those boxes!  Which minimalist bed frame will you choose?

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