Minimalist Bedroom – Creating a Relaxing and Simple Space

Your bedroom should be a personal space for your spiritual escape from the world.  By utilizing different types of minimalist bedroom styles, you can create a perfect haven for relaxation, sleep, or just a breather.

A minimalist bedroom is maximized for space with minimal furniture and accessories.  Different regions inspire different minimalist looks from Japanese to Scandinavian, as well as styles from cozy to modern.  With your budget and style you can create the perfect combination.

Are you looking for a bedroom makeover but don’t know where to start?  Looking for a new bedroom style without breaking the bank?

What Is a Minimalist Bedroom?

A minimalist bedroom is a bedroom space that is maximized for space, has minimal furniture and accessories, and is highly organized.  It is based on the “less is more” principle of minimalists who appreciate comfortable spaces without any clutter.  Any bedroom can be a minimalist bedroom.

Minimal bedroom - Minimalist Bedroom - Gone Minimal
Minimalist bedroom

Minimalist Bedroom Design Ideas by Region

 Japanese Minimalist Bedroom

A Japanese minimalist bedroom is harmonious with nature.  There is some inspiration from Buddhism, and the focus is on natural materials with open floor plans, open spaces, and being close to nature.  There’s only the essential furnishings and a lot of Zen.  Graduate design student Xi Chen at Rangsit University found that Japanese minimalism is based on reducing losses from earthquakes.

Korean Minimalist Bedroom

A Korean minimalist bedroom is highly functional while still comfortable.  Researchers Kwon from Mokpo National University and Kim from Soongsil University found that due to large numbers of small apartments built and concern about sustainability, Korean minimalism became a necessity as well as a new way of life from previous eras.  Korean minimalist bedroom is a clean, spacious look with natural light, natural wood, furniture that’s low to the ground, and functional accessories like bookshelves and a tall mirror on the floor.  Place your bed by the window and throw in a few special accessories for your perfect Korean minimalist bedroom.

Japanese room - Minimalist Bedroom - Gone Minimal
Japanese room

Scandinavian Minimalist Bedroom

If you want to create a Scandinavian minimalist bedroom, it’s not much different from the minimalist aesthetic you already know.  Scandinavian minimalist is defined by simplicity, necessity, practicality, and lots of comfort or hygge.  Focus on your day-to-day needs to create the space: natural materials, natural light, plants, and comfort items like blankets and pillows.

Focus on your day-to-day needs to create the space: natural materials, natural light, plants, and comfort items like blankets and pillows.

Minimalist Bedroom Design Ideas by Style

Various regions can influence minimalist bedroom design, each offering its own unique aesthetic and cultural elements. In Scandinavian-inspired minimalist bedrooms, you can embrace light and airy spaces with clean lines, natural materials like wood and linen, and a focus on functionality.

Japanese minimalist bedrooms often embody simplicity, tranquility, and harmony. Whatever the region, minimalist bedroom design allows for a decluttered, serene environment that encourages relaxation.

Cozy Minimalist Bedroom

A cozy minimalist bedroom can be created through just a few steps.  Regardless of size, you can maximize the natural light, use storage to declutter and store, and arrange the furniture around the perimeter to open the space and make it cozy.  Add some soft fabrics on the bed and a throw pillow or two for comfort and color.  Then use an essential oil diffuser to fill the space with your favorite scent.

Modern Minimalist Bedroom

A modern minimalist bedroom is created with practical furniture, functional pieces and accessories, clean lines, and emphasis on the architecture.  The room should feel light and airy, bright with natural light, uncluttered and simply comfortable.

Large white minimal bedroom - Minimalist Bedroom - Gone Minimal
Large white minimal bedroom

Boho Minimalist Bedroom

To achieve a boho minimalist bedroom, incorporate things with natural textures, and add just a touch of color with a blanket and some accessories.  A few plants, simple furniture, natural light, and a couple decorative mirrors can help you achieve this look.  A boho minimalist bedroom is natural, comfortable, and relaxed.

Aesthetic Minimalist Bedroom

If you want a room that is pleasing to the eye, consider an aesthetic minimalist bedroom.  In this style there is incorporation of furniture, accessories, décor and paintings that are beautiful to look at and give you a sense of calm.  Find pieces with your favorite colors, nature-inspired artwork, and balanced accessories for a satisfying bedroom.

Minimalist Bedroom Design Ideas by Room Size

 Small Minimalist Bedroom

There are many design ideas with a small minimalist bedroom.  Using neutral wall colors, only the essential furniture, natural lighting, few accessories, and comfortable bedding you can make a small bedroom feel so much larger.  Colors like white or beige on the walls and floors can open up the space, and using brightly colored accent pieces like a pillow or blanket can make it comfortable and yours.  Place furniture to maximize the space and natural light for the best effect.  Maximize storage with an organized closet.

Modern minimalist bedroom - Minimalist Bedroom - Gone Minimal
Modern minimalist bedroom

Large Minimalist Bedroom

It’s easy to create a large minimalist bedroom and still have a cozy space.  Don’t feel like you have to fill up the room with furniture or accessories-only the essentials are needed.  Consider placing furniture in a way that creates flow with a system that works with your routine while maximizing the space.  Still feel like there’s too much empty space?  Throw in a large rug with your favorite colors to tie the space together.

Minimalist Master Bedroom

The master bedroom doesn’t have to be the heaviest when it comes to furniture and accessories.  When creating your minimalist master bedroom, stick to the necessities.  With a bed, nightstand, and chair you can have a comfortable space with plenty of room.  Add accessories that add style without clutter and your minimalist master bedroom can be your favorite relaxation spot.

Minimalist Bedroom Design Ideas by Budget

Budget Minimalist Bedrooms

It is possible to create a budget minimalist bedroom, besides-it’s about less is more!  Don’t spend a fortune on fancy storage baskets or containers, work with what you have on hand or purchase solutions that don’t break the bank.  Consider getting rid of some of the stuff so less storage is needed.  Then use what you’ve already got to make your budget minimalist bedroom exactly how you want it.

Less is more, no need to break the bank - Minimalist Bedroom - Gone Minimal
Less is more, no need to break the bank

Luxury Minimalist Bedrooms

If you’ve got the desire (and the means) to create a luxury minimalist bedroom, then spend the money for your ultimate comfort.  Find high-quality comfortable furniture and luxury bedding, lay down a fluffy rug, and add high-end accessories without cluttering the space.  There are no rules here-it’s what you want and what you can afford!

Minimalist Bedroom Decor

Minimalist Bedroom with plants

You don’t need a lot of accessories to decorate a minimalist bedroom, and you can never go wrong with plants.  Whether you’re a plantophile or a novice gardener, there are multiple options when it comes to house plants.  If you’ve got a little space or a lot of space, lots of natural light or no light, and even if you’re not often there to care for plants there are options for everyone.  And what is great about decorating a bedroom with plants is they detoxify the air and add color!

Minimalist Bedroom Furniture

Minimalists always want to maximize the space in their bedroom, and furniture is a huge part of that.  When creating a minimalist bedroom with furniture you want to focus on the pieces you absolutely need: bed, nightstand, chair, and sometimes a dresser.  Pick pieces that fit your stuff (and you) and the space as well. 

Minimalist furniture - Minimalist Bedroom - Gone Minimal
Minimalist furniture

White Minimalist Bedroom

White minimalist bedrooms are the best for décor and neutrality because it really opens up any space.  It also makes it super easy to decorate, even with minimal pieces.  White feels like a blank canvas-you can do with it whatever you want!

Related Insights

Why Should You Have a Minimalist Bedroom?

You should have a minimalist bedroom because it’s your retreat, your haven.  If it’s cluttered, it’s not comfortable and actually adds stress.  The last thing you want when you go in your bedroom is to feel overwhelmed by furniture, accessories, and stuff.  You should have a minimalist bedroom for your sanity as well as your comfort.

How Do I Make My Bedroom Minimalist?

To make your bedroom minimalist, start by decluttering.  Get rid of all the things you don’t need, don’t use, or just don’t serve a purpose.  Stick with only the furniture that is necessary for you.  Clean and organize to maximize the space.  Add only the things that add to your comfort.

What Is Minimalist Room Design?

Minimalist room design is creating a space that is maximized through furniture placement, storage optimization, neutral color palette and minimal décor and accessories.  It’s making the most out of even the smallest bedroom without filling it full of excess stuff.  Rest and comfort don’t require super-sized furniture or artwork everywhere!

Create a minimalist bedroom in 8 easy steps in this helpful video.

Peoples Favorite Pieces in Their Bedroom

I asked 5 friends/family members to  list their 5 favorite pieces in their bedroom. Here is what they shared and what I learned from the poll:

FurnitureTally of Friends/Family
Reading chair2
Beach painting2
Antique lamp1
Chenille throw2
Hope chest1
Body pillow4
Soft rug3

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Minimalist bedrooms come in many sizes, but they’re all maximized for space and comfort.  You too can create your own minimalist bedroom with the right color scheme, furniture that meets your needs, and of course the right storage solutions to keep all of your things organized and out of the way.  You deserve a space where you can relax and feel comfortable for a spiritual escape, so why not make it a minimalist bedroom?

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