Minimalist Desk – A Clean Workspace for Relaxing Workdays

Optimal productivity is important to just about any job in the workforce, and in many cases this is partially contributed to the desk.  We’re going to talk about minimalist desks and how through simplicity and organization they can provide the framework for your ultimate productivity levels.

A minimalist desk is essential furniture to an office where you work that is simple and functional.  It is set up through organization, drawers, and storage that is conducive to work flow.  Types of minimalist desks vary from executive or standing to gaming.

Are you looking for a better desk to do work in your office?  Do you think utilizing a minimalist desk could be better for your productivity?

What Is a Minimalist Desk?

A minimalist desk is the essential piece of furniture used in a home office or office building where work is performed.  It’s a simple yet functional piece that fits the space just right, is organized, and helps keep you productive and comfortable.

Minimal workspace - Minimalist Desk - Gone Minimal
Minimal workspace

How Do I Set Up a Minimalist Desk?

Setting up a minimalist desk involves creating a clean, organized, and distraction-free workspace that encourages focus and productivity. Start by decluttering the desk surface and removing any unnecessary items. Keep only the essentials within reach, such as a laptop or computer, a notebook, and a pen holder.

Choose a desk with simple lines and a minimalistic look. Opt for a neutral color scheme to maintain a cohesive and calming atmosphere. Use smart storage solutions like drawers or desk organizers to keep supplies neatly arranged and hidden from view.

Minimize the number of decorations and keep them minimal and purposeful, such as a small potted plant or a motivational quote. Ensure good lighting by placing the desk near a window or using a well-designed desk lamp. Finally, embrace the negative space by leaving empty surfaces and uncluttered areas to promote a sense of serenity in your minimalist desk setup.

Minimalist Desk Organization

Organization is key for anyone who works, whether it’s in an office building or a home office.  Minimalist desk organization is instinctual for the person working there, so no two setups will be the same.  There should be a flow to the organization that matches your work pattern and facilitates your day.  Options include paper trays, pen and pencil holders, and accessory organizers that are placed strategically on the desk for easy access and strategic workday flow.

Minimalist Desk Drawers

Overall organization is important with any desk, and this also applies to drawers.  It’s tempting to shove everything into drawers to get it out of the workspace, but drawers should be easily accessible and thoughtfully organized to help you get your work done.  This should also complement and be intuitive to your workflow.  Utilize drawer storage accessories like utensil holders, modular organizers, and dividers in matching materials for an aesthetically pleasing look and easy access to supplies.

Minimalist desk essentials with drawers - Minimalist Desk - Gone Minimal
Minimalist desk essentials with drawers

Minimalist Desk Storage

Storage is key for any workspace, and this is really important with a minimalist desk.  It shouldn’t be overpowering or distracting, in minimalist fashion it is enough to organize your supplies and help with productivity.  With minimalist desk storage there should be easy access to what you need and everything should be quick to find.  Options for storage include bookshelves, hanging files, and modular organizers.  These are pretty in natural materials like wood and matched to the desk for a streamlined look.

With minimalist desk storage there should be easy access to what you need and everything should be quick to find.

Types of Minimalist Desks

These days there are so many options for types of desks available based on your needs.  Let’s take a look at some of these specialized desks to help you see if any of them fit your individual needs and interests.

Minimalist Standing Desk

Comfort at work and fitness are high priorities to many people stuck working at a desk, so I give you the minimalist standing desk.  This is a simply designed desk that you stand at, and in some cases it will adjust to a sitting position as well.  Researchers at the American Council on Exercise have found that using a standing desk has a positive effect on cardiac and metabolic risk factors, which is an excellent reason to invest in one!

Woman working at her standing desk - Minimalist Desk - Gone Minimal
Woman working at her standing desk

Minimalist Computer Desk

Many jobs are based on use of a computer in today’s society, so it’s important to have a desk that is conducive to supporting that type of work.  A minimalist computer desk provides a steady surface for the computer and also offers the style and storage needed for the job.  It’s a simple enough desk for computer work to keep you organized and productive without bells and whistles.  A minimalist computer desk will offer just enough space for your computer and your paperwork to keep you productive.

Minimalist Gaming Desk

Who says desks are just for work?  People are really serious about gaming these days, and sometimes it’s nice to have a desk conducive to this hobby (or job for some!).  A minimalist gaming desk will provide enough surface area for a computer and monitor (or two), be ergonomic for gameplay, and still provide storage for game controllers, headsets, and any other gaming accessories necessary.  It’s not big or fancy, it’s functional and fun!

Minimalist Executive Desk

When you hear the term “executive desk”, do you also think about the big, heavy, wooden and heavily carved desks with file cabinets on both sides and fancy accessories on top?  Well, the minimalist executive desk is very different.  It’s still professional and looks nice, but it’s focused more on function and productivity than looking expensive.  This type of desk is no frills, no fuss, but still helps any executive get the job done.

Sleek, space saving minimalist wood desk - Minimalist Desk - Gone Minimal
Sleek, space saving minimalist wood desk

Minimalist Corner Desk

There are many variations of the corner desk available on the market today, from simple and small to large and all-encompassing.  But for a minimalist corner desk, it’s simple and elegant without being overwhelming.  It will fit comfortably in any corner, with space for all of your work needs, and will blend into the space nicely.  A minimalist corner desk has ample room for your productivity without overtaking the room.

Styles of Minimalist Desks

Wooden Minimalist Desk

A wooden minimalist desk is a nice choice for any space.  Available in multiple shades from natural to dark stain as well as painted, you can find a wooden minimalist desk to fit into your space and style.  The natural materials are a great addition to any minimalist office or room for a classic look.

White Minimalist Desk

If you really want to go for a neutral look, a white minimalist desk may be the way to go.  These can be made out of several different materials from wooden to metal or any combination and can blend right in to a neutral-colored office.  It’s a clean look for any office to put the focus somewhere other than the desk.

Cozy corner window workspace - Minimalist Desk - Gone Minimal
Cozy corner window workspace

Modern Minimalist Desk

Modern minimalist desks also come in many different colors and materials and can add a sleek look to an office.  From cool looks like a ledge desk to a T-shaped desk with built-in recessed modular storage, these are the epitome of simple and streamlined.  These futuristic-looking pieces are functional and eye-catching, a must-have for anyone loving the modern look.

Japanese Minimalist Desk

Japanese minimalists are all about being close to nature and keeping things simple, and this style of desk is in line with this.  These desks are made of natural materials such as wood and are simple and structured for work without distraction.  There are options for those that fit exactly even to the most awkward spaces, while maximizing workspace. 

Small Minimalist Desk

Don’t need a huge desk for your workspace?  Consider a small minimalist desk.  There are many different sizes of small available, from just accommodating your laptop to even fitting into a closet if needed.  You can be productive with a small minimalist desk as long as it works for you!

Black metal desk - Minimalist Desk - Gone Minimal
Black metal desk

Minimalist Desk Accessories

When you hear minimalist desk, you probably think of little to no accessories.  But there are a few necessary accessories that you can keep to minimalist style while keeping you productive.

Minimalist Desk Lamp

Nobody needs a big fancy desk lamp to be productive, so let’s keep it simple.  Researchers from the Middle East International Journal for Social Sciences found that work environment, including proper lighting, contributes to productivity.  A minimalist desk lamp will be simple, made out of natural materials, and provide just enough light for your work.  No designs or beads or anything decorative, just simple and conducive to your work. 

Minimalist Desk Chair

There are many (maybe too many!) options for office chairs from cupholders and adjustable headrests to gaming and ergonomic, but the minimalist desk chair makes everything simple.  It’s comfortable with no frills, simple and streamlined.  Its purpose is support while you’re seated and working, not to massage or provide entertainment.  There are cushions and armrests, and with a minimalist desk chair the options are functional and personalized to your needs.

Desk lamp for the perfect light - Minimalist Desk - Gone Minimal
Desk lamp for the perfect light

Minimalist Desk Clock

Everyone needs to keep track of time while they’re working, and some need a desk clock for that.  A minimalist desk clock will be simple and non-distracting, only providing time rather than the weather forecast or stocks outlook.  There are many options out there from a simple white-face analog clock to a stone quartz clock with only hands. 

Related Insights

How Do You Make a Minimalist Table?

With the simplest materials, of course!  It could be a piece of plywood perched on top of two filing cabinets, or even a wooden top with plain wooden or metal legs.  There are multiple resources available for building minimalist tables and other furniture you may need.

How Do I Set up a Minimalist Home Office?

A minimalist home office should be set up in a way that works for you and your type of work.  Start by decluttering and getting rid of the things you don’t need.  Make the things that are used regularly a priority with easy access.  Take out any items that you would consider distractions.  Then organize things in a way that contributes to your workflow and helps you be productive.

Get some ideas for a distraction-free workspace and minimal desk in this helpful video tour.

Peoples Most Important Desk Aspect and Accessory Must-Haves

I asked 5 friends/family,  to describe their desk based on the following. 1) What is the most important aspect of the desk? (Storage, organization, space, simplicity, size, color, style, etc). 2) What is one accessory that they must have for their desk (exclude chair, computer/tablet/etc.)? Here is what they shared and what I learned from the poll:

Most Important Aspect/Desk Accessory Must-HaveTally of Family/Friends
1) Simplicity2
2) Drawer3
1) Organization5
2) Music2
1) Mobile1
2) View of outside3
1) Uncluttered2
2) Organizers4

Other Resources:

A minimalist desk comes in so many styles and types, there are almost endless options to fit your needs for work.  With natural materials, optimal storage, and enough workspace, a minimalist desk can fit the workflow of anyone in any field.  Whether it’s for home or an office building, you don’t need a big, clunky fancy desk-you need what supports you and your maximal productivity!

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