Minimalist Engagement Rings – Timeless Class and Style

The engagement ring symbolizes love and eternity and can come with a hefty price tag for some.  As I explored minimalist engagement rings, I found they have the same symbolism, only with a more subtle look and a lower price tag that will help reduce the stress of wedding planning. 

Minimalist engagement rings are understated, simple, elegant, and beautiful, created from the “less is more” principle.  Materials include yellow, white, and rose gold, and silver.  Styles range from simple to vintage and include stones like diamonds, gemstones, pearls, and opals.  

Have you found your true love and started thinking— what kind of engagement ring should I buy?  Are you looking for an engagement ring that’s simple, beautiful, and affordable?  From affordable to luxurious, a minimalist engagement ring is perfect for expressing your love.

 What Is A Minimalist Engagement Ring?

A minimalist engagement ring is understated, simple, and based on the “less is more” principle of minimalism.  It’s not flashy; it’s not bold; it’s an elegant and beautiful piece. These types of engagement rings highlight what is valued and eliminate distractions like embellishments and flare.

A Simple Engagement Ring - Minimalist Engagement Rings - Gone Minimal
A Simple Engagement Ring

Minimalist Engagement Rings Materials

Minimalist engagement rings can be made from a variety of materials, with a focus on simplicity and understated elegance. Some popular materials used in minimalist engagement rings include:

  1. White gold
  2. Yellow gold
  3. Rose gold
  4. Platinum
  5. Sterling silver
  6. Titanium
  7. Stainless steel 
  8. Gemstones

Rose gold minimalist engagement rings are a little bit modern and very striking.

Gold Minimalist Engagement Rings

Gold is the classic material for engagement rings.  From 10k to 18k, these bands are plain and solid.  Gold minimalist engagement rings are dainty and understated for a simply beautiful and timeless look.  These bands can vary in width, from thin and light to the thicker, more classic width and weight.  It’s a beautiful choice for minimalist engagement rings.

White Gold Minimalist Engagement Rings

White gold is a more modern look for engagement rings made of 75% gold and 25% zinc and nickel.  It’s an affordable alternative to platinum with a similar look.  These engagement rings can also vary in width depending on the stone settings; the choice is yours.  White gold minimalist engagement rings are bright and shiny for a truly elegant look. 

A White Gold Engagement Ring - Minimalist Engagement Rings - Gone Minimal
A White Gold Engagement Ring

Silver Minimalist Engagement Rings

Silver minimalist engagement rings are polished and long-lasting without the hefty price tag.  A simple silver band gives a sleek and classy look without breaking the bank.  The actual price addition comes from the stone setting and choice, but it’s a sturdy metal for engagement rings and a good choice.  It’s a much more affordable alternative to white gold or platinum and made to last a lifetime or longer.

Rose Gold Minimalist Engagement Rings

Rose gold is made from gold and copper, commonly 75% gold and 25% copper, to make 18k rose gold.  It’s a blush-looking gold for a little less expensive ring.  This metal has a unique look that is not as popular for engagement rings; however, it’s a stunning choice.  Rose gold minimalist engagement rings are a little bit modern and very striking.

Minimalist Engagement Rings by Style

An engagement ring is defined as the object given to symbolize the intent to marry, as defined by graduate student M.A. Laradanielle Davis of Alliant International University. Minimalist engagement rings are available to suit various personalities and tastes.  We will review each different style and its benefits and features.

A Man Proposing - Minimalist Engagement Rings - Gone Minimal
A Man Proposing

Simple Minimalist Engagement Rings

The simple minimalist engagement ring is beautifully created with a solid band and prongs for a gemstone.  It’s understated yet classy, minimalist, and gorgeous.  Stone settings vary from the usual single stone to a row of stones —  there are so many beautiful designs to choose from.  It’s simply beautiful and affordable.

Unique Minimalist Engagement Rings

For a unique look, consider a thin band with several small diamonds in a row, surrounded by filigree.  A unique minimalist engagement ring, unlike standard engagement rings, can have several small diamonds or one center stone with a simple twisted band.  It’s a unique ring for your special love.

Modern Minimalist Engagement Rings

Modern minimalist engagement rings give another unique look with some offset-diamond looks, multiple bands, or channel-set diamonds, to name a few designs.  These rings are small and up to date for a different and modern look, with styles sure to please any modern minimalist fiancé.

A Modern Minimalist Engagement Ring - Minimalist Engagement Rings - Gone Minimal
A Modern Minimalist Engagement Ring

Vintage Minimalist Engagement Rings

Vintage minimalist engagement rings come in a wide variety of classic diamond or gemstone sets for a vintage look.  These engagement rings are similar to what your grandmother might have worn but are more dainty and understated.  A beautiful and timeless piece that can be handed down for generations to come!

Minimalist Engagement Ring Stones: 

There are several choices if you’re looking for a minimalist engagement ring with a stone.  From the classic diamond to other precious stones, let’s look at each of these styles and how they might fit your budget.

The opal is extraordinary and, like your relationship, can’t easily be replicated.

Diamond Minimalist Engagement Rings

They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend, and they’re the classic stone for an engagement ring.  Diamond minimalist engagement rings are made with many different carats, with simple beauty in mind.  These tend to be on the higher end price-wise, but diamonds last forever.  Whether it’s a single diamond, a row of diamonds, or a diamond-gemstone setting, you cannot go wrong with a diamond minimalist engagement ring. 

A Simple Diamond Ring - Minimalist Engagement Ring - Gone Minimal
A Simple Diamond Ring

Gemstone Minimalist Engagement Rings

Gemstones offer a more modern look for engagement rings, and minimalist engagement rings are dainty sets with one or multiple stones.  Emeralds, moissanite, sapphire, amethyst, turquoise, ruby, garnet, and morganite are just a few gemstones you might consider for your minimalist engagement ring.  These prices can vary greatly, most of which are lower in price than diamonds.

Pearl Minimalist Engagement Rings

There’s a pearl minimalist engagement ring for a truly unique and classic look.  This is a brilliant and simply gorgeous look for that special person, from a single pearl to a row alternating small pearls with small diamonds.  It’s a stunning look for an affordable price.

Opal Minimalist Engagement Rings

The opal is a unique and beautiful stone with many color variations; it’s a wonderful stone for an engagement ring.  This stone is generally found at a great price and has gorgeous settings. The opal is extraordinary and, like your relationship, can’t easily be replicated. It’s a one-of-a-kind minimalist engagement ring.

Two Opal Rings - Minimalist Engagement Ring - Gone Minimal
Two Opal Rings

Minimalist Engagement Rings by Price

Choosing an engagement ring is different for everyone. As a high-involvement decision, as discussed by Dr. Monika Jain of Dr. Ambedkar Institute of Management Studies and Research, engagement rings are a complex decision with several factors to be considered.  Price is usually the determining factor in purchasing engagement rings, and minimalist engagement rings are no exception. 

Affordable Minimalist Engagement Rings

Engagement rings don’t have to cost a certain amount, although some may see it differently.  An affordable minimalist engagement ring is a beautiful symbol of your love and lifestyle for a truly minimalist person.  There are so many beautiful options available, from under $100 to around $3,500, so all you have to do is choose!

Luxury Minimalist Engagement Rings

If you have the money to spend and want something that will last a lifetime, there are luxury minimalist engagement rings.  Made of some of the finest materials, from white gold to platinum, these simple beauties start at around $1,000 and go up to about $5,000 depending on the style and diamond size.  Some are even beyond the $5,000 price tag for truly luxurious looks.

In this helpful video, learn the four main choices you need to make to determine what solitare engagement ring style you should buy. 

Related Insights

What is the minimum you should spend on an engagement ring?

The general rule for the minimum spend on an engagement ring is at least two months’ salary.  So if you make $65,000 per year, you should expect to spend about $10,800 on an engagement ring.  However, money shouldn’t be the prime determining factor, discuss it as a couple and go on from there!

Can an engagement ring be simple?

An engagement ring can absolutely be simple!  Not everyone likes big, flashy diamonds on their rings. They tend to get in the way and interfere with everyday tasks like gardening and cleaning!

How much does the average couple spend on an engagement ring?

The average couple spent about $6,000 on an engagement ring in 2019. 

Characteristics That Real People Look for in an Engagement Ring

I asked friends and family to describe the top 3 things they look for in an engagement ring. Here is a table representing the percentages of their responses and what I learned from the poll.

CharacteristicTimes Selected
White gold14%
Yellow gold10%
Characteristics That Real People Look For in an Engagement Ring

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When you’re preparing to ask someone for forever; you want to have a special ring that fits their personality as well as your relationship.  Minimalist engagement rings come in various styles, metals, and prices, so you’re sure to find one that’s perfect for that special someone.  Which kind do you have in mind for your loved one?

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