Minimalist Flower Tattoo – Beautifully Simple Body Art

Tattoos are a popular way to express your artistic side, commemorate an important event, or even demonstrate your feelings for someone.  When I was thinking about a tattoo but worried about dress code infringements, I considered a minimalist flower tattoo.

Minimalist flower tattoos are designed to be simply beautiful, discreet, creative, and full of significance without dress code worries.  Meanings range from innocence and purity to endless love and friendship.  Popular flowers for these tattoos include roses, chrysanthemums, and wildflowers.  

Are you looking for a new tattoo but don’t want anything tacky or distasteful?  Ever wondered what the meaning is behind minimalist flower tattoos? Minimalist flower tattoos are a popular way to express yourself and share your creative side. 

What is a Minimalist Flower Tattoo?

A minimalist flower tattoo is simply designed and minimally colored for a more discreet impact.  There’s not much detail or intricacy, and sometimes it’s just a line drawing.  Although tattoos, in general, have become more common and less stigmatized over time, a minimalist flower tattoo can come into play if you’re concerned about tattoos preventing employment or worry they may be perceived unfavorably by others.  They can be inconspicuous, so only you know where they are.

A Minimalist Flower Tattoo - Minimalist Flower Tattoo - Gone Minimal
A Minimalist Flower Tattoo

The Meaning of a Minimalist Flower Tattoo

There can be various meanings behind tattoos, but a few are associated with flowers.  The significance of a minimalist flower tattoo is usually related to love, and colors can convey different meanings depending on the flower. Popular color choices include yellow for friendship, red for love, blue for devotion and loyalty, and white or pink for purity. Here are some meanings behind minimalist flower tattoos:

  1. Purity
  2. Innocence
  3. True love
  4. Endless love
  5. New beginnings
  6. Beauty
  7. Beauty is fleeting
  8. Friendship
  9. Nature
  10. Beauty in life

Popular Flowers for Minimalist Tattoos

You probably already know that roses are popular and represent love, but did you know there are meanings behind every flower tattoo? Also, cherry blossoms are delicate little flowers often associated with beauty and the transient nature of life. And peonies are known for their lush blooms and are often associated with prosperity and good fortune. Let’s take a look at some other common flowers for minimalist tattoos.

The poppy tattoo has a few meanings, including prosperity, fortune, eternal beauty, and love between two people.

Minimalist Sunflower Tattoo

A sunflower tattoo is for good luck, longevity, and intelligence.  A minimalist sunflower tattoo is simply designed with minimal color to be bold yet understated.  It is believed to serve as a permanent good luck charm for a happy and long life.  Doesn’t looking at a sunflower just make you smile and feel warm inside?

Minimalist Wildflower Tattoo

Do you know the feeling of looking out at a field of wildflowers in a rainbow of different colors?  That’s what the minimalist wildflower tattoo intends to capture — joy.  There are many variations to wildflowers, as there are wildflower tattoos.  Minimalist wildflower tattoos are small, delicate bunches of varying wildflowers with different colors for simple beauty.

A Minimalist Pansy Tattoo - Minimalist Flower Tattoo - Gone Minimal
A Minimalist Pansy Tattoo

Minimalist Lotus Flower Tattoo     

The lotus represents overcoming pain and difficulty to find happiness, as the lotus flower grows through muddy pond surfaces into gorgeous flowers.  A minimalist lotus flower tattoo can signify joy after difficult times and overcoming grief and pain.  The tattoo is designed with essential lines and colors like white for purity, red for love, and pink to reflect Buddha.

Minimalist Poppy Flower Tattoo  

The poppy tattoo has a few meanings, including prosperity, fortune, eternal beauty, and love between two people.  It’s a pretty and dainty red flower that can vary in shade and degrees of open flower buds.  Often you will see two poppy flowers together to symbolize loyalty and true love.

Minimalist Chrysanthemum Tattoo         

The chrysanthemum is a beautiful, densely-petaled flower in several different colors, and the same can be said for minimalist chrysanthemum tattoos.  These flowers represent happiness and long life, harvest, joy, love, and even autumn as they typically bloom in the spring and the fall.  Red represents love, yellow is slighted love and warmth, and white signifies truth.

Simple Chrysanthemum Flowers - Minimalist Flower Tattoo - Gone Minimal
Simple Chrysanthemum Flowers

Popular Placements for Minimalist Flower Tattoos

Student researcher Taryn Cilliers of The Independent Institute of Education found many people have tattoos, but there are concerns that they can prevent employment and advancement, lead to negative workplace interactions, and even discrimination.  In another small study, researchers Francisco and Ruhela of Amity University Dubai found people’s perceptions of others with tattoos haven’t changed over time, and tattoos should not factor into hiring or promoting those adorned with them.

Because of their subtle appearance and smaller size, in most cases, there are many different places on the body for minimalist flower tattoos.  Locations range from the wrists to behind the ears and on the ribs.  Some are easier to conceal than others, and even where conventional methods cannot conceal them, they’re generally so delicate and simple that they are not a real distraction.

Neck and behind-the-ear tattoos are becoming increasingly popular, and minimalist flower tattoos are perfect for these locations.

Minimalist Flower Wrist Tattoo

A minimalist flower wrist tattoo is a barely-there, beautiful way to symbolize special meaning and still be able to conceal it for work.  Whether it’s on the inside wrist, the back of the wrist, or encircling the wrist, this tattoo style can be like a permanent piece of jewelry while still being able to cover with a snug bracelet, cuff, or watch.

A Simple Wrist Flower Tattoo - Minimalist Flower Tattoo - Gone Minimal
A Simple Wrist Flower Tattoo

Minimalist Flower Finger Tattoo

The minimalist flower finger tattoo is a discreet way to hide a dainty tattoo and even make someone wonder if they saw something there.  With some hand positions, it’s like a surprise, and most of the time, only you know it’s there, which makes it even more special.  It’s even possible to have a minimalist flower finger tattoo placed where it can be covered with a ring.

Minimalist Flower Neck and Behind the Ear Tattoo

Neck and behind-the-ear tattoos are becoming increasingly popular, and minimalist flower tattoos are perfect for these locations.  These are great places for anyone with long hair, as the tattoo can be hidden when necessary.  It’s a unique way to show someone special you love them; they mean something special to you, and at times, they’re the only ones who can see the minimalist flower tattoo.

Minimalist Flower Rib Tattoo

Another discreet way to adorn your body with art is the minimalist flower rib tattoo.  It’s for your eyes only, easy to conceal, and a reminder of something or someone special when you look in the mirror.  The minimalist flower rib tattoo can also be a creative peekaboo, made-you-look statement for those brave enough to bare them.  There are really no dress code worries here!

If you need help deciding which minimalist flower tattoo is right for you, check out this video of the top 50 trendy small flower designs.

Related Insights

What does a flower tattoo symbolize?

A flower tattoo can symbolize various things — the meaning comes from the beholder.  It could symbolize love, loss, an affinity for gardening, a favorite flower, or anything that means something special to you.

What is the most popular flower tattoo?

The most popular flower tattoo is the rose.  It’s a common tattoo to symbolize love, relationships, and even the pain that can go along with love can be represented by the thorns.

Which is the best small tattoo?

The best small tattoo is the one that has special meaning to you.  It reminds you of someone special, an event in your life, or even something you’re proud of — so choose one that suits you!

The Minimalist Flower Tattoo Real People Would Like Most and Where They Would Want it Placed

I asked friends and family to describe which flower tattoo they would like to have most if they got a tattoo and where they’d want it placed. Here is a representation of the poll and what I learned from their responses. 

Minimalist FlowerTimes Selected
Tattoo PlacementTimes Selected
The Minimalist Flower Tattoo Real People Would Like Most and Where They Would Want it Placed

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Final Thoughts

Tattoos are one of the most popular ways to express yourself, share your love, and demonstrate your creative side.  We’re in an age now where tattoos are more prevalent in society, more accepted in workplaces, and more creative in size and structure, but sometimes we need to get creative ourselves with what we choose and where. 

Minimalist flower tattoos are great for anyone, have many options and meanings, and are easier to conceal or place where they’re inconspicuous.  Where will you get your minimalist flower tattoo-and which one will you pick?

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