Minimalist Furniture – Style and Aesthetics for Daily Living

You’ve got a new space or a new home, and you’re in the market for some new furniture-but not sure what look you want to go for.  We’re going to look at minimalist furniture for every room of the house, from big to small and modern to Scandinavian.  Get ready to be inspired!

Minimalist furniture is made simply with natural materials and essential functions.  It’s utilizing only what is needed for studios to mansions, bedrooms to outdoor living.  Style can vary from modern to Japanese, as well as DIY to luxury.  There’s minimalist furniture for everyone everywhere.

Are you tired of the same old conventional furniture and stores that try to convince you to fill up every room with furniture?  Are you looking for an updated way to furnish your living space?

What is Minimalist Furniture?

Minimalist furniture is designed and created using the “less is more” principle so often used by minimalists.  This is furniture that is essential in form, function, and materials.  The term minimalist furniture can also be used to describe the furniture setup of a room-one using only the essentials.

Minimalist furniture is a style of furniture design that embraces simplicity, clean lines, and a low-key aesthetic. It aims to create a sense of spaciousness, functionality, and visual harmony while eliminating unnecessary ornamentation and clutter.

A simple working space - Minimalist Furniture - Gone Minimal
A simple working space

Minimalist Furniture by Size

Minimalist furniture can be used in every room of every size for optimal comfort and spatial arrangement.

Minimalist Furniture for Studios

Studios are typically very small, so minimalist furniture is the perfect style.  Using only the essentials, one can comfortably furnish a space without making it feel cramped or uncomfortable.  Minimalist furniture for studios can even be maximized for space by utilizing pieces that serve multiple purposes or can be stowed away when not in use.

Minimalist furniture is designed and created using the “less is more” principle so often used by minimalists.

 Minimalist Furniture for Apartments

Apartments range from small to spacious, and minimalist furniture can help optimize the space regardless of the size of apartment.  Utilizing only essential pieces for each room, one can have a comfortable apartment that feels open and has a logical flow without a bunch of unused furniture.

 Minimalist Furniture for Homes

Homes can also range in size from tiny to oversized, but don’t be tempted just to fill up the space.  Minimalist furniture for homes should be proportionate to the living space as well as your needs.  Essential pieces for each room that will be used regularly will optimize every room in a home without cluttering a space, plus save you money in the long run.

A simplistic kitchen table and chairs - Minimalist Furniture - Gone Minimal
A simplistic kitchen table and chairs

Minimalist Furniture by Room

We’ve talked about home size, now let’s take a look at minimalist furniture room by room.

 Minimalist Bedroom Furniture 

Think about the last time you went to a furniture store.  Didn’t it seem like such a deal to purchase the bedroom suite-bed frame, dresser, mirror, and nightstands?  Honestly, you probably don’t need all of those pieces.  Minimalist bedroom furniture is using only the essentials in a bedroom-a bed and maybe a chair! 

The more furniture you add to a bedroom, the more cluttered and crowded it will feel-and that’s not a relaxing space for sleep.  Minimalist bedroom furniture can even make it easier when moving with more portable, foldable, and compact pieces according to Roszlean, Rahman, and Kamarudin of International Islamic University Malaysia.

Minimalist Office Furniture 

According to graduate student Mijke Brager of University of Twente, using minimalist furniture in an office can help one be more productive, more creative, and less distracted.  So think about what you actually need to be productive in your office-a desk, a chair, and maybe a filing cabinet.  Everything else is stuff that takes up space and potentially distracts you. 

A minimalist desk with a computer monitor - Minimalist Furniture - Gone Minimal
A minimalist desk with a computer monitor

 Minimalist Living Room Furniture 

Think again about the furniture store-you don’t need the whole package.  You probably don’t even need the oversized couch that seats 8 people!  Minimalist living room furniture consists of a couch, a coffee table or end table, and perhaps a chair.  Consider how many people will consistently be utilizing the space and use furniture to accommodate that number.  This prevents overcrowding a living space and makes the room feel more open.

Minimalist Bathroom Furniture 

Now when I hear bathroom furniture, I think of no furniture.  But this depends on what style of bathroom you have.  If there’s a built in space for sitting and putting on makeup, all you need is a chair.  A bathroom doesn’t generally need furniture, it needs the necessities which are sinks, a toilet, and a shower and/or tub.  If you’ve got room for it and you know you’ll use it, add a chair-it’s up to you!

Minimalist Outdoor Furniture 

The outdoor living space can be something to really enjoy if you’ve got the space, the shelter, and of course you love the outdoors.  When it comes to minimalist outdoor furniture, consider what the space will be used for-sitting, reading, napping, barbecuing and eating, etc.  Furnish the space with just what you need-no more.  Especially for outdoor furniture, also consider using natural materials that will stand up to the elements over time.

Simple patio furniture on a porch - Minimalist Furniture - Gone Minimal
Simple patio furniture on a porch

Minimalist Furniture by Style

So you’re interested in minimalist furniture, but not sure what style you’re looking for.  Let’s review a few different styles of minimalist furniture.

 Japanese Minimalist Furniture

Japanese culture is all about connectedness to nature, and their furniture reflects this.  Japanese minimalist furniture uses natural materials and is built low to the ground, keeping one close to nature.  This style of furniture is also very basic, uses natural materials, and focuses only on the essential elements.

 Scandinavian Minimalist Furniture

Scandinavian minimalist furniture is much like you’d expect from minimalism, but with added comfort (hygge).  This style of minimalist furniture is built with natural materials, simple and functional, yet cozy and comfortable.

Minimalist brown leather couch and chairs - Minimalist Furniture - Gone Minimal
Minimalist brown leather couch and chairs

 Modern Minimalist Furniture

The modern look in living and offices is very popular with some, and furniture is no exception.  Modern minimalist furniture is sleek and streamlined, sometimes futuristic-looking, and definitely functional.  This style of furniture is simple and eye-catching, perfect for any modern home or office.

 Malaysian Minimalist Furniture

Malaysian minimalist furniture utilizes natural materials but with added style.  It has a modern look, with a touch of comfort, and every piece is thoughtfully created with any budget and any room in mind.  Clean lines, neutral tones, and even industrial touches make Malaysian minimalist furniture functional for every home.

Minimalist Furniture by Price

 DIY Minimalist Furniture

If you’ve got a creative mindset and like DIY projects, there’s DIY minimalist furniture for you.  Whether it’s building your own kitchen table or bed frame, there are multiple resources available to help you design and create your own minimalist furniture.  Using natural materials and even pieces you’ve already got on hand, minimalist furniture can be built at home at a great savings to you.

Staining wood furniture - Minimalist Furniture - Gone minimal
Staining wood furniture

Cheap Minimalist Furniture

Furniture doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg!  Cheap doesn’t mean poor quality-just simple.  Cheap minimalist furniture is still built out of good quality, natural materials-just using less and saving you money.  The design may not be fancy-but it’s essential and focuses on function.

Affordable Minimalist Furniture

Who says minimalist furniture has to be expensive?  Affordable minimalist furniture is what fits into your budget and lifestyle.  Choose the essential pieces that fit your home, consider what will actually be utilized, and save your money!  It’s about function-not price!

Luxury Minimalist Furniture

On the flip side-who says minimalist furniture has to be cheap?  If you have the means and the desire, consider purchasing luxury minimalist furniture.  It is built with premium, natural materials, is highly functional, and will last a lifetime (or two!).  Luxury minimalist furniture can be worth the price-it’s about comfort and durability.

In this helpful video, learn how to find contentment in minimizing and simplifying furniture.

Related Insights

How do you decorate as a minimalist?

Minimalists tend to not need very much décor or even accessories for their homes.  Decorating as a minimalist means keeping things simple and uncluttered, as well as using only pieces that have special meaning or use.  Less décor means money saved and less time dusting and cleaning!

What makes a person minimalist?

A minimalist person is generally one that values experiences and people over things.  They keep on hand only the things they need and will use.  Their living spaces are simple and uncluttered, and they just seem happier in general.

 Are minimalists happier?

I think as a minimalist, there’s much more potential for happiness because there is less “stuff” to worry about.  Minimalists tend to be happier because they don’t spend much time cleaning and organizing stuff, they focus on experiences and relationships with others, and they value life more than belongings.

Where Real People Would Like to Use Minimalist Furniture Most

I asked friends and family to list a room where they’d most like to use minimalist furniture. Here is what they shared and what I learned from the poll, and the percentages of their responses.

RoomTimes Selected
Master bedroom 12%
Kitchen 9%
Office 17%
Kids’ bedrooms 8%
Dining room 17%
Living room 8%
Porch 14%
Theater room 4%
Landing 8%
The room where real people would like to use minimalist furniture most

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It’s easy to get hung up on trying to fill up living spaces with lots of furniture, just to fill the spaces.  Using a method like minimalist furniture can maximize space, comfort, and budget.  Remember-furnishing your home should be about essential pieces, comfort, and optimal flow and not buying the package deals!  Which room will you use minimalist furniture in first?

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