Minimalist Interior Design – The Joy of Visual Simplicity

Minimalist interior design can create a space that is simple, organized, relaxed and beautiful.  Using this method can contribute to decreased stress and a space you’re completely happy relaxing and living in.

Minimalist interior design is a space created with “less is more” in mind when decorating the home or office.  Characteristics include no clutter, white and neutral palettes, natural light, and nature.  Aesthetics include modern and Zen, styles of Japanese and Scandinavian, and many others.

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the interior design of your home and looking for something new?  Consider minimalist interior design for your home or office to make a big impact on your space.

What Is Minimalist Interior Design?

Minimalist interior design is using the minimalist principle of “less is more” approach when creating and decorating a living space.  This applies to the home or office and is characterized by neutral or soothing colors, minimal accessories and decorations, and no clutter.  There are of course many varieties and styles of minimalist interior design, which we will look over in this article.

Minimal interior kitchen - Minimalist Interior Design - Gone Minimal
Minimal interior kitchen

What Are the Characteristics of Minimalist Interior Design?

It’s more than just “less is more” that minimalist interior design is about, there are a few things that are characteristic of this design style:

  • No visible clutter
  • White spaces and neutral palette
  • Color accents for those who want it
  • Minimal distractions
  • Natural light
  • Landscape views and plants
  • Only the essential elements of the room

This style can be utilized at home, at work, wherever you’d like less clutter and less stress.

Minimalist Interior Design Based on Aesthetic

Because there are no set rules when it comes to minimalism other than “less is more”, there are some varieties of minimalist interior design based on aesthetics that we will take a look at here.


The modern minimalist interior design is a decor style that emphasizes the use of sleek, clean lines with functional and simple furniture and a pared-down aesthetic. It focuses on neutral colors, very little decoration, and architecture. The goal is to create a space that feels uncluttered, calm, and visually pleasing while maximizing efficiency and practicality.. 


Industrial is another modern take on minimalist interior design that also utilizes simple and functional furniture and neutral colors, only with the focus now on the materials and inner workings of the home, like brickwork and ductwork.

Industrial minimalist interior design is a fusion of two distinct styles: industrial design and minimalist design. It combines the raw, utilitarian aesthetic of industrial spaces with the clean, uncluttered simplicity of minimalism. This style often features exposed structural elements, industrial materials, and a pared-down color palette.

Mid century sofa interior - Minimalist Interior Design - Gone Minimal
Mid century sofa interior

Luxury – This aesthetic is based on the finer things in life, well-made materials and accessories, but still uncluttered and simple.  It’s more on the comfortable side with high-end furnishings and just a touch of bling.

Color-Scheme – This style of minimalist interior design is centered around certain colors that go well together without being distracting or busy.  It’s about coordinating a gray and blue cement floor with natural wood cabinets, white or gray wall color, and blue couch pillows and curtains.

Zen – The ultimate in relaxation and stress free would be the Zen aesthetic.  This style utilizes natural materials, lots of natural light, and nature itself.  It is comfortable and uncluttered, clean and organized, relaxed and blissful.

Minimalist interior design is a space created with “less is more” in mind when decorating the home or office.  Characteristics include no clutter, white and neutral palettes, natural light, and nature.

Minimalist Interior Design Based on Style

There are also variations of minimalist interior design based on style.  Let’s take a look at a few international varieties next.

 Japanese- Japanese minimalism is inspired by Buddhism, or being in harmony with nature.  Beyond simple and uncluttered, this style of minimalism is characterized by incorporation of Zen, natural materials, and accepting imperfections as beauty.  Open floor plans and wide-open spaces with only the essential simple furnishings are present in this style.

Dining room - Minimalist Interior Design - Gone Minimal
Dining room

Scandinavian- Scandinavian minimalism is focused on the everyday, ordinary things with natural materials and a relaxed design.  This style is centered around practicality, efficiency, as well as comfort or hygge.  With this design you’ll find simple colors, patterned accents, and lots of natural light.

Singapore- Singapore minimalism is similar to modern minimalism with its use of neutral colors, sleek lines, functional furniture and use of natural light.  It is comfortable as well as functional, with little in the way of decoration except a couple of plants.

 Philippines- Philippines minimalism similar to Japanese in that nature and natural materials are incorporated, as well as sleek lines and contrasting colors.  Focus is on the interior elements including stairs, support beams, and accent walls.

Minimal living room space - Minimalist Interior Design - Gone Minimal
Minimal living room space

Minimalist Interior Design for Rooms

Minimalist interior design is something to consider room by room, as each setting has particular functions as well as opportunities for inspiration and outlook.

Living Room – The living room is where many people essentially live, so it should be a relaxing space where anything (or nothing) can be accomplished.  With minimalist interior design, the living room is open and uncluttered with only the essentials for furniture.  Colors are neutral and clean, the room is easy to clean, and the space is highly functional for relaxing and spending time with family and friends.

Bed Room – One of the most important rooms for relaxation and rejuvenation is the bedroom, and minimalist interior design can definitely help with this.  The minimalist bedroom has the essential furniture, neutral and relaxing colors, natural light, and no clutter.  This simple type of design helps with keeping the room clean, decreasing stress, and helping the resident wind down at the end of a long day and wake up refreshed and ready to take on whatever comes their way.

Minimal white bedroom - Minimalist Interior Design - Gone Minimal
Minimal white bedroom

Minimalist Interior Design for Home Size

House – For a single-family home, minimalist interior design means utilizing the necessary furniture, calm colors, and plenty of storage for everything.  The space flows logically and is comfortable as well as livable by all members of the family.  Maximize the space with what you need and focus on living in the space, rather than decorating.

Condo – Condos can be easy to design in minimalist fashion due to their smaller size.  Using the bare essentials, neutral colors, and perhaps a couple themed decorations to fit with the space as well as location.  Storage is also essential here as built-ins are less common for this size living space.

Apartment – Apartments are ideal for minimalist interior design because of limited space as well as some landlord limitations.  Uncluttered is the way to go with essential furniture only, but a few comforts in neutral or accent colors to liven up the space and make it home.  Also consider adding color and comfort with curtains, blankets or throws, and a plush chair.

Learn 7 secret ways to simple minimalist interior design in this helpful video.

Related Insights

Why Is Minimalist Interior Design So Popular?

Minimalist interior design is popular because it is simple and easy to do!  There really isn’t any coordinating of colors and patterns, just a neutral palette (although you can add a splash of bright color if you’d like!).  It is decluttered, functional, and super easy to maintain.  It is simply uncomplicated!

Is Minimalist Design Expensive?

Minimalist design doesn’t tend to be expensive, but it depends on whether you go for designer fabrics, furniture, or artwork.  Some art pieces especially can be pretty expensive even though they’re simple, but they can help tie a space together while maintaining that minimalist feel.  Overall, minimalist design isn’t expensive, but some aspects of it can be if you go that route.

Minimal workspace - Minimalist Interior Design - Gone Minimal
Minimal workspace

Real People Describe The Simplest Room In Their Home

I asked several friends and family members to describe: 1) the simplest room in their home, 2) the main color, 3) main furniture piece, 4) Main decor piece. Here is what they shared and what I learned from the poll:

Room#Color#Furniture Piece#Decor Piece#
Master bathroom2Spa blue1Jetted tub2Colorful artwork piece3
Dining room2Gray3Dining table1Crystal vase1
Living room1Tan2Couch1Mirror3
Bathroom3Brown1Pedestal sink2Framed art of leafy branch2
Office2Blue2Desk1Black and white nature scene3
Entry hallway1Peach1Chest of drawers1Beachscape4
Kitchen 3White3Kitchen table2Rooster painting2

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Minimalist interior design can be a wonderful way of saving money, improving focus, and even improving relaxation in your space.  You can make the design whatever and wherever you’d like, it’s up to you how to incorporate minimalist interior design into your home or office.  What room will you start with?

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