Minimalist Jewelry – Wear Beautiful Simplicity with Style

Jewelry has been around for centuries, and how they’re made and the substances they’re created from has changed over time.  For work, for play, for everyday-there’s a fresh take on jewelry and it’s minimalist.

Minimalist jewelry makes a statement while being simple and understated.  From necklaces to rings, minimalist pieces are made from precious metals and gemstones to coordinate with any outfit.  Ranging in style from simple to bridal, there’s a minimalist jewelry piece for every day.

Are you looking for the perfect piece of jewelry that won’t break the bank?  Have you considered minimalist jewelry for just the right piece?

What Is Minimalist Jewelry?

Minimalist jewelry is understated and simple.  It’s based on the “less is more” principle of the minimalist lifestyle.  Minimalist jewelry consists of small pieces, simple pieces, and not flashy or even attention-grabbing.  It’s simply elegant, beautiful, and barely there.  These pieces can even be layered without losing the minimalist look and feel.

Minimalist jewelry often has delicate designs, using minimal embellishments and avoiding excessive ornamentation. It encourages minimal forms, such as geometric shapes or simple lines, and utilizes materials like silver or gold to create timeless and versatile pieces. Minimalist jewelry complements many outfits and occasions, making it a popular choice for those seeking a subtle and refined look.

Minimal gold necklace - Minimalist Jewelry - Gone Minimal
Minimal gold necklace

Types of Minimalist Jewelry

There are several different types of minimalist jewelry to see-and we’re going to look at what defines these pieces and what makes them minimalist.

Necklaces – Minimalist necklaces range in materials as well as designs.  From a simple, elegant chain to links and pendants, these necklaces can range in price from affordable to high-end.  Much like necklaces you commonly see, but on the lighter and daintier side.  They’re so light, you can layer these necklaces and still have an elegant look!

Earrings – Minimalist earrings are also very similar to common types, but more simple and lightweight.  Uncomplicated materials with intricate designs, these earrings can come in studs, hoops, bars, and even mini-cuffs.  Even if you have multiple piercings in each ear, you can fill them with these earrings and still have that minimalist look.

Minimal earrings - Minimalist Jewelry - Gone Minimal
Minimal earrings

Rings – Minimalist rings are simple, dainty, with all types of designs and shapes.  Some have stones or a series of materials, while some are a thin band with a knot.  Easy to wear, these rings make a statement without clashing with any outfit.  You could wear several of them for an even more interesting yet still minimalist look.

Bracelets – Minimalist bracelets are similar to necklaces in materials and designs.  Most are simple chains varying in size, some with a small stone or accessory ring or even a signature.  These bracelets can also coordinate with just about anything you desire.  Even these can be layered for a chic, trendy and minimalist feel.

Jewelry Box – A minimalist jewelry box is just like you’d think, simple and understated but holds just the amount of jewelry you need.  There are many options available, many handmade, and varying in size and function.  Everything has a home in a practical, minimalist jewelry box.

Minimal jewelry box organizer - Minimalist Jewelry - Gone Minimal
Minimal jewelry box organizer

Minimalist Jewelry Styles

Simple – Simple minimalist jewelry is great for everyday wear.  It coordinates with everything, is easy to wear, and still makes a statement.  It can also be worn to work, running errands, and anything you do day-to-day.  We’re talking all of the pieces, singular or layered, will work everywhere you go!

Bridal – Bridal minimalist jewelry is simple, elegant, and beautiful.  Earrings, necklace, bracelet and rings-including the wedding ring- are just the right touch for the minimalist bride and groom.  It’s perfect for a wedding day as it keeps the focus on where it should be-the bride. 

Fine – Minimalist fine jewelry is an elevated look, made with the best materials and diamonds or precious gemstones.  It’s a little more upscale look, while maintaining the minimalist feel.  Perfect for a night out, date night, and that special someone.

Minimal bracelet and gold rings - Minimalist Jewelry - Gone Minimal
Minimal bracelet and gold rings

Men’s Jewelry – Men’s minimalist jewelry includes chain bracelets, pendant necklaces, chain necklaces, cufflinks, rings, and watches.  These pieces are made of quality metals, gemstones, and high polish worthy of a minimalist man.

Where Can I Buy Minimalist Jewelry?

Etsy – Etsy is a great source for buying minimalist jewelry.  From hoop earrings and ear climbers to necklaces and bracelets, there’s something for every taste.  What’s great is many of the sellers are independent retailers, making their own jewelry by hand.  Shopping small means so much, especially to minimalists.

Wholesale – Wholesale is another way to go for buying minimalist jewelry.  There are multiple online retailers who sell minimalist-style jewelry in every form, and at bottom dollar.  These items are generally made in bulk, sometimes overseas, but are still good quality at a good price.

Mens minimal ring - Minimalist Jewelry - Gone Minimal
Men’s minimal ring

Minimalist jewelry makes a statement while being simple and understated.

Where Does Minimalist Jewelry Come From?

Minimalist jewelry comes from all over the world, even locally, but let’s look at some of the best sources for this style. 

India – India has many online options for shopping minimalist jewelry.  Some Indian brands include Quirksmith, Benaazir, Pipa Bella, Nimai, and Urban Hippie, just to name a few.  These designs include zodiac signs, simple filigrees, feathers, and even diamonds and jewels.  Most can be found through social media as well as their online stores. 

Canada – Canadian minimalist jewelry can also be found online, through their own sites as well as Etsy.  Some Canadian brands include Strut Jewelry, Katye Landry, Birch Jewellery, and Eleven Love Design.  Designs include drop necklaces, varied stones, baguettes and leaves, all intricately designed and handmade.  These can all be shopped direct or through Etsy.

Minimalist watch and ring - Minimalist Jewelry - Gone Minimal
Minimalist watch and ring

Malaysia – Malaysia is big on the minimalist jewelry scene with popular brands like Wanderlust + Co, Psyndrome, Minimalist Lab, and The Mindful Company.  Malaysian designs include tarot cards, simple flower engravings, and even intricately carved pendants.  These trendy pieces can be found on all social media sites, blogs, and of course their own online stores.

Singapore – Singapore is home to many affordable minimalist jewelry brands like Studio Emoi, Monica Vinader, Tessellate.Co, The Ordinary Co., and Amado Gudek.  Many of these brands are sustainable and environmentally friendly.  Designs from Singapore designers include words, gemstones, stars and moons, and even jeweled insects.  Available through online stores and Etsy.

Philippines – Filipino artisans work with local designers to create Philippines minimalist jewelry.  Some of the most popular brands there include Anza, Modern Myth, Penny Pairs, and Tala by Kyla.  Designs include delicate bands, pendants, and simple shapes.  These brands are available through their web stores.

Here is a super helpful video on how to organize your jewelry.

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What Is Minimalist Style Jewelry?

Minimalist style jewelry is simple without a lot of bling.  It’s a single chain necklace, a simple band ring, and anything small and understated yet elegant.  Minimalist style jewelry goes with everything, making it great for the everyday.

How Do You Wear Minimalist Jewelry?

Minimalist jewelry is not worn as a statement piece, but it’s elegant in its simplicity.  It complements work wear, play wear, basically everything you wear.  You can’t go wrong wearing minimalist jewelry.

Is Minimalist Jewelry in Style?

Minimalist jewelry is in style, and very trendy.  Even though it has been around for a while, it has been increasing in popularity thanks to bloggers, celebrities, and retailers.  It’s so pretty and simple, of course it’s in style!

Minimal jewelry tray - Minimalist Jewelry - Gone Minimal
Minimal jewelry tray

Real World Cost of Minimal Jewelry

Gold w/gems$15-$80
Gold fill$34-$60
Stainless steel$15-$55

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If you’re looking to make a bold statement without gawdy jewelry, minimalist jewelry is the way to go.  So many minimalist designers are eco-minded and very creative, using ethically sourced materials and creating small, intricate designs as well as elegant pieces that can be worn every day, even to fancy events.  Reasonably priced, easy to wear and coordinate, and subtle enough-minimalist jewelry is on trend and high quality.

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