Minimalist Office – Items and Designs for a Simple Layout

A minimalist office is the functional space used for work, but stocked with only the essentials.  Whether it’s in an office building or in the home, a minimalist office can be achieved by anyone with only the essential supplies and furniture.  We’re going to look at a few examples of minimalist office essentials and locations.

A minimalist office is a highly organized, uncluttered, comfortable working environment that is geared towards efficiency and focus.  Essentials for the best minimalist office are set up, supplies, and organization.

What does your office look like-is it cluttered with excess supplies or highly organized?  Would you like to learn how to have a more efficient workspace?

What Is a Minimalist Office?

A minimalist office is a space one uses for everyday work, but is stocked with the minimum essentials for working and organization.  Everything in the minimalist office serves a purpose and helps with efficiency as well as a comfortable working environment.  It’s part of the minimalist lifestyle-function and quality over fashion and quantity.

Minimal desk in a minimal office - Minimalist Office - Gone Minimal
Minimal desk in a minimal office

What Are the Essentials in a Minimalist Office?

In a minimalist office, the focus is on creating a clean, organized, and clutter-free workspace that promotes productivity and reduces distractions. There are all different kinds of work across the globe, but those of us who work in an office will tell you there are some essential things that need to be in every minimalist office regardless of your job. Focus on simplicity and organization, and only include essential items that contribute to your work environment.


Setup in a minimalist office is one that creates flow, positive energy, and is conducive to getting work done.  There is a logical setup of furniture, supplies, computers, printers, etc. that is functional and uncluttered.  It can also help define the workspace and separate it from other spaces-assisting with work/life balance.


Every minimalist office will have some supplies, but this is highly dependent upon the type of work involved.  In general, there will be just enough supplies for the work needed and they will be logically and functionally stored. 


Organization is extremely important in a minimalist office.  It will hold all of the office essentials from pens to printer paper while not taking up a great deal of space.  Shelving and storage is basic yet sturdy, no frills and well made.  A highly organized office is a more productive workspace.

Minimal trays for desk organization - Minimalist Office - Gone Minimal
Minimal trays for desk organization

Minimalist Offices Based on Location

There are some variations on the minimalist office depending on where it is located, or office building versus someone’s home.  Let’s look at what some of these minimalist offices look like based on their location.

Home Office

Home offices are important to define when working out of your house.  Keeping that clear delineation between work and home can be easy to create with a minimalist home office.  Using an existing space in the home and defining that as office space can be done with furniture as well as room structure.  There’s not much décor or items on display as these can distract from work.  The desktop is clean and organized, helping the work-at-home minimalist productive while maintaining the boundaries of work and home.


An on-site minimalist office is usually pretty easy to achieve depending on the type of building.  The main pieces here are a desk that is uncluttered, organization, and the essentials for daily work.  Whether it’s an enclosed office with a door or a cubicle, minimalism can be utilized to keep organized and on-task while on site.  The less clutter, the less distraction, the more productive one will be.

Minimal home office - Minimalist Office - Gone Minimal
Minimal home office


The minimalist office interior should be uncluttered, simple, and non-distracting.  Neutral colors, natural light or comfortable lighting, and only the essentials for the work that needs to be done.  Clean lines and minimal decorations can unify the space and create an environment that helps one focus on the work, not on tidying up the office interior. 

Minimalist Office Furniture

A really important part of any minimalist office is the furniture.  It helps define the workspace as well as contribute to work comfort and productivity.  Let’s look at the essential minimalist office furniture.


The desk in a minimalist office will be just the right size to fit in a workspace without being overwhelming.  Don’t expect a large, carved wood desk with ornamental drawer knobs and hidden functions.  The desk is simple and functional with just the right dimensions for the work it is designed to support.  The minimalist’s desk is organized and uncluttered.

Minimal white desk - Minimalist Office - Gone Minimal
Minimal white desk


In some minimalist offices it’s not a desk but a table where one works.  Much like the desk, it will define the workspace, be simple and uncluttered, and be just enough to get the job done.  Nothing fancy, no gadgets, just functional and sturdy.  Picture a utility table or even a school cafeteria-style table.  Simply support for the work that needs to get done.


You’ve seen all the fancy office chairs with adjustable headrests, cupholders, and all that jazz-but that’s probably not what you’ll find in the minimalist office.  The chair in these offices will be comfortable and simple, no frills.  Its only purpose is to support the worker while seated, not to entertain or massage.  Whatever is comfortable for the user, like armrests and cushions, is there in the most ergonomic and functional form. 

A minimalist office is a highly organized, uncluttered, comfortable working environment that is geared towards efficiency and focus.

How Do I Start a Minimalist Office?

To start a minimalist office, identify what you need and what you don’t.  Look for the things you use regularly and prioritize those items.  Then take out the excess, the distractions, and the things that don’t contribute to your work and productivity.  It may take a little time and some tweaking to figure out what you need and what you don’t.  So make a few changes, see how it works with your productivity and organization, and refine and change as needed.

Here is a helpful video for tips on keeping your office spice clean and minimal.

What Does a Messy Desk Indicate?

A messy desk can indicate several things: a busy day, a missed day of work, a lack of proper storage space, or just being disorganized.  A messy desk can be stressful when you’re trying to work efficiently-so think about why it became messy to start.  Do you need better organization?  Is it an especially busy day?  Spending too much time away from your desk attending meetings?  Sometimes the messy desk is out of your current locus of control-get to it when you can!

How Do You Decorate a Minimalist Desk?

Very minimally!  Actually, when it comes to decorating a minimalist desk it’s important to minimize the clutter and keep it an efficient working space.  The things you keep on your desk are best non-distracting, and may even serve more than one purpose.  For example, a small decorative clock statue that doubles as a pencil sharpener, or a tabletop fountain that creates ambient sounds that reduce your stress. 

A small plant is always nice because it detoxifies the air, brings a splash of color to the desk, and can add a little joy to the space.  The minimalist desk doesn’t need a great deal of decoration-it’s about focus and productivity!

Minimal desk decor - Minimalist Office - Gone Minimal
Minimal desk decor

Items Real People Find Essential for Their Office

I asked several friends and family members to list 5 objects, items, furniture, etc. that they think are essential in their office (home or on-location). Here is what they shared and what I learned from the poll:

Office EssentialsTally of Family/Friends
Comfortable chair3
Non-fluorescent lights4
Essential oil diffuser1
Organization system (shelves, cubbies, file cabinet, etc.)3
My cat1

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The minimalist office is just enough to get the work done, be a comfortable working environment, and help one be productive and organized.  No distractions, no frills, nothing fancy-just a simply defined space.  This type of office can work anywhere-without costing a great deal of money.  No clutter means less stress, which can make just about any job more enjoyable!

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