Minimalist Room – The Benefits and Joys of a Simple Space

Minimalist rooms can vary from bathrooms to living rooms, and any room can be set up in minimalist fashion.  Through different uses of colors, materials, and furniture, you can create a highly organized kitchen or a totally relaxing bedroom.  Let’s look at how a minimalist room can be achieved.

A minimalist room is designed and set up with less furniture and accessories for an uncluttered space. With furniture, décor, storage and organization a minimalist room can be just what you want. Regardless of size and budget a bedroom or living room can be minimalist and still meet your needs.

Are you looking for a new way to set up your bedroom or living room?  Are you tired of the clutter and want to minimize the stuff in a certain room?

What Is a Minimalist Room?

A minimalist room is one that is designed and decorated in minimalist fashion, or “less is more”.  There is less furniture, less décor, and less accessories making it uncluttered and organized while still being comfortable.  Any room can be a minimalist room-from a bathroom to an office.  The focus is sustainability as well as getting rid of the things that don’t have true meaning in our lives, as expressed by Aastha Rathour of Amity University Noida and Gunita Mankame of V.G. Vaze Kelkar College.

Minimalist bedroom - Minimalist Room - Gone Minimal
Minimalist bedroom

The focus is sustainability as well as getting rid of the things that don’t have true meaning in our lives, as expressed by Aastha Rathour of Amity University Noida and Gunita Mankame of V.G. Vaze Kelkar College.

How Do I Set up a Minimalist Room?

There really are no rules when it comes to setting up a minimalist room, other than keep it uncluttered, make it organized, and make it comfortable.  According to Professor Ylva Uggla of Orebro University, it’s about decluttering and owning less as well as considering environmental impacts.  Let’s look at some categories for setting up for a minimalist room.

Minimalist Room Furniture

For a minimalist room, there doesn’t need to be a whole lot of furniture.  Stick to the essentials for sleep, sitting, eating, working, etc. and avoid those furniture pieces that don’t serve a purpose (or two).  Consider pieces like ottomans with storage, futons or convertible beds, and foldable pieces to save space.

Minimalist Room Décor

A large number of décor pieces will clutter a room and make it feel smaller, so minimalist room décor is few and far between.  There’s not a great deal of décor, and what is there is simple and adds to the theme of the room without making it feel cluttered.  A single piece of wall art, a brightly colored pillow or throw, just enough to tie the room together. 

Minimal living room - Minimalist Room - Gone Minimal
Minimal living room

Minimalist Room Storage

Minimalist room storage is organized and efficient, as well as out of sight-out of mind.  This will add to the uncluttered nature of any room, keeping spaces open and spacious rather than cluttered and claustrophobic.  Storage is key to any room and needs to be used properly for the best effect!

Minimalist Room Organization

Organization helps keep every room clean and uncluttered as well as maximizing the space.  Minimalist room organization is arranging furniture in a way that makes sense and saves space, then having easy access to things that make sense for the space.  Storage for things is organized as well to keep the space stress free and easy to clean.

Types of Minimalist Rooms

Various types of minimalist rooms embrace simplicity and clean design principles. Each minimalist room offers a distinct approach to simplifying and decluttering spaces, allowing for a calm and harmonious environment that promotes a sense of serenity and focus.

Minimalist Bedrooms

A minimalist bedroom is designed for relaxation and rejuvenation.  It contains only the essential furniture, has a neutral color palette, and no clutter while using natural light to make it a comfortable and relaxing space.  The furniture is arranged in a way to maximize the space and help with comfort. 

Minimal bedroom with white and brown linens - Minimalist Room - Gone Minimal
Minimal bedroom with white and brown linens

Minimalist Living Rooms

The living room is where the family tends to “live”, or spend the most time.  Minimalist living rooms are also relaxing spaces where one can accomplish a great deal or even nothing but quality time together.  The space is open and roomy, essential furniture for relaxing or watching tv, and maximized natural light.  It’s easy to clean, uncluttered, and a great place to relax.

Minimalist Bathrooms

Minimalist bathrooms are spaces that are uncluttered, serene, and organized with the essential personal care items.  It is a relaxing space for performing self-care, with soft or natural lighting and storage for linens and supplies. 

Minimalist Playrooms

Kids generally come with a lot of toys and “stuff”, which can make playrooms cluttered and overwhelming.  Minimalist playrooms will have sufficient storage for all of the toys, getting them off the floor and out of sight when not in use.  Organizing kids’ things in a playroom makes it easier to clean and less overwhelming for parents.

Minimal playroom for kids - Minimalist Room - Gone Minimal
Minimal playroom for kids

Minimalist Home Office

The minimalist home office is arranged with minimum essentials to keep you productive and organized.  Everything has a purpose, the furniture and accessories are arranged in a way to maximize space and productivity, and it’s a comfortable and relaxing space to create and work.

Minimalist Rooms by Size

Small Minimalist Rooms

Small minimalist rooms are arranged with the essential furniture to maximize the space available.  Whether it’s a bedroom or the kitchen, these rooms don’t have extra stuff to take up space.  Everything has a purpose, and there’s less stuff to clean and organize.

Apartment Minimalist Rooms

Apartments are notoriously small, so apartment minimalist rooms are uncluttered and contain only the basics to make the most of the space.  Furniture is arranged to help separate the different living spaces if there aren’t walls, but also in a way to ease the flow through the space and make it feel open. 

Minimalist Dorm Rooms

Dorm rooms are often very small and shared with others, and they’re several spaces in one.  Minimalist dorm rooms have very little furniture so they’re uncluttered, have a space for schoolwork, and a relaxing space for sleep.  Organization and less stuff makes a minimalist dorm room feel larger and more relaxing when you’re not in class.

College students minimal dorm room - Minimalist Room - Gone Minimal
College students minimal dorm room

Minimalist Rooms by Budget

 Luxury Minimalist Rooms

Who says minimalist rooms can’t be luxurious?  If you have the budget for it, spend for the ultimate comforts.  Luxury minimalist rooms can have high quality furniture, luxury linens, fluffy rugs, and even high-end accessories. 

DIY Minimalist Rooms

The great thing about minimalism is there are no rules-it’s whatever works for you.  Using DIY you can create minimalist rooms that meet your budget as well as your needs.  You don’t need professional organizers or decorators to design your perfect minimalist room.

Budget Minimalist Rooms

If you want to stick with the typical minimalist theme, a budget minimalist room could be just the thing.  Use what you have on hand for storage and organization, get rid of clutter and save your money.  After all-less is more, and it’s not just about the stuff but your bank account!

Simple and minimal luxury - Minimalist Room - Gone Minimal
Simple and minimal luxury kitchen

Extreme Minimalist Rooms

Feeling adventurous?  Consider an extreme minimalist room makeover.  Get rid of all of the unnecessary furniture and stick to only a couple of essential pieces.  Paint in a neutral color, get rid of the décor and accessories, and only add in what you need for a functional space. 

Minimalist Room Aesthetic

Cozy Minimalist Rooms

Cozy minimalist rooms are comfortable and functional with comfortable additions like pillows and blankets.  It’s still an uncluttered space, although maybe smaller.  The room will still be maximized for space and function.  There’s décor and furniture to fit the space without making it feel cluttered.

Bohemian Minimalist Rooms

Bohemian minimalist rooms will have various natural textures, a little bit of color through accessories, and lots of natural light.  Adding plants, simple furniture, and some mirrors adds to the Bohemian feel.  It’s a comfortable, natural, and relaxed space.

Girl on laptop in minimal living room with large plant - Minimalist Room - Gone Minimal
Girl on laptop in minimal living room with large plant

Minimalist Rooms with Plants

You can never go wrong with plants!  A minimalist room will be comfortable and spacious, and adding plants adds color and life to any space.  Plus plants provide detoxification of the air-definitely a plus!

Minimalist Rooms Colors

Minimalist rooms’ colors are usually on the neutral spectrum, including white, gray, or beige.  There can be an accent painting with bright colors or a brightly colored throw to add some interest to the room.  Neutral colors also make a space feel bigger.

Korean Minimalist Rooms

Korean minimalist rooms are high in function as well as comfort.  There’s a focus on maximizing space and natural light, and natural materials with only the essentials.  Functional accessories keep the room functional and organized.

Old style minimal Japanese room - Minimalist Room - Gone Minimal
Old style minimal Japanese room

Japanese Minimalist Rooms

Japanese tradition is to be connected to nature, so Japanese minimalist rooms are filled with natural light, essential furniture, and outdoor views.  The space feels organic and connected to the environment through natural materials.

Related Insights

How Do Minimalists Decorate?

Minimalists decorate with very little décor and accessories.  They tend to keep things uncluttered and simple, which makes a space feel larger and more roomy.  This also means less time spent cleaning and dusting!

How Do You Build a Minimalist Interior?

A minimalist interior is built with less.  Less furniture, less décor, and less accessories means less clutter and more room.  A minimalist interior is designed to maximize the space without sacrificing comfort.

Let’s get your room looking minimal! Here is a super helpful video with 8 easy steps.

Rooms My Family and Friends Like To Keep Minimalist

I asked 5 friends/family, to list three rooms that they would most like to use minimalism. Here is what I discovered:

RoomTally of Family/Friends
Master bedroom15%
Kids’ bedroom(s)30%
Master bathroom10%
Living room10%
Dining room5%

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Minimalist rooms come in many sizes and functions, and it’s pretty easy to make them comfortable and organized.  With the right furniture, color palette, and budget any room can be a minimalist room.  A minimalist room doesn’t have to be uncomfortable!

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