Minimalist Small Bedroom – Furniture and Arrangements

The bedroom should be a place of relaxation, rest, and sanctity.  If you have a small bedroom and feel limited in what you can do with the space, take a seat and let me tell you about some minimalist small bedroom design ideas.

A minimalist small bedroom is organized and designed using the “less is more” principle to maximize the space and comfort.  Interior characteristics include neutral colored walls, natural lighting, and cozy bedding. Furniture is simple and comfortable, and storage is optimized for the space.

Have you got a small bedroom and don’t know how to design or optimize the space for comfort?  Are you looking for a cozy bedroom space without all the clutter, but not sure how to make it minimalist?

What Is a Minimalist Small Bedroom?

A minimalist small bedroom is a bedroom that may be small in size, but is organized and designed in minimalist style.  This is the “less is more” principle-maximizing space and minimizing clutter.  The key to a minimalist small bedroom is organization and storage.

Here are some key elements and tips for creating a minimalist small bedroom:

  1. Simplified color palette
  2. Minimal window treatments
  3. Minimal furniture
  4. Limited decor
  5. Clean storage
  6. Decluttered surfaces
  7. Lighting and mirrors
  8. Clean closets
No clutter bedroom - Minimalist Small Bedroom - Gone Minimal
No clutter bedroom

Minimalist Bedroom Interior Design Ideas

According to Bjorn Bjorvatn, MD, PhD, Siri Waage, PhD, and Stale Pallesen, PhD with the Norwegian Competence Center for Sleep Disorders, certain characteristics of a bedroom like bed comfort, lighting, noise, and temperature can affect how well someone sleeps.  Therefore it’s important to create a bedroom to not only be comfortable, but conducive to relaxation and sleep.  Let’s look at some minimalist bedroom interior design ideas.


The walls in a minimalist bedroom will be painted a neutral color (beige, white, or gray) without any patterns or texture.  There will be minimal wall hangings to prevent cluttering the room, only one or two decorations that are simple and bring a small splash of color to the room.  The less clutter, the more relaxing the space.


Floors in a minimalist bedroom are usually a neutral color of any type of surface (carpet, laminate, tile, etc.).  There may be a single rug on non-carpeted floors, otherwise floors will be uncluttered and space maximized by strategic furniture placement.

Be specific with your furniture and its placement - Minimalist Small Bedroom - Gone Minimal
Be specific with your furniture and its placement


Natural lighting is the ideal for any minimalist bedroom, so windows will be bright and unobstructed by curtains or furniture.  There may be a small simple lamp for reading or lighting up the room when natural lighting is not available.  Some may even use fairy lights for a more cozy, relaxed feel.


There are not a lot of accessories in a minimalist bedroom, as surfaces tend to be clear and uncluttered.  The accessories that are present usually serve a purpose, add a touch of color, or have personal meaning that adds comfort and warmth to the bedroom.  Again-less clutter, less distraction.  A potted plant is a great accessory for any bedroom!


A minimalist’s bedding is where they find comfort in the bedroom.  It may be neutral in color or perhaps tie in a splash of color that coordinates with a piece of wall art.  Bedding is highly personal and is what fits your needs and likes, and if you want several blankets and throw pillows then so be it.  If it keeps you comfortable temperature-wise, then it’s a good choice and you really can’t go wrong.

Minimal bedside table - Minimalist Small Bedroom - Gone Minimal
Minimal bedside table

Minimalist Bedroom Furniture

When we speak of minimalist bedroom furniture, it’s not just the style of the furniture itself-but of the furniture included in the room.  With a small bedroom it’s important to maximize the space, so we tend to limit the amount of furniture.  The most important pieces of minimalist bedroom furniture are the bed and storage.


The amount of storage in a bedroom can vary upon the size and availability of a closet.  Closets can be maximized for storage using organization systems, shelving, and drawers.  If the room is large enough, a chest of drawers and set of bookshelves can be convenient for storing books, accessories, and clothing.  Under-bed boxes are always useful for storing clothing and shoes not in use.

The key to a minimalist small bedroom is organization and storage.


The bed in the minimalist bedroom is often the focal point as well as the most comfortable spot in the room.  It won’t be any bigger than what is necessary, and will leave enough room for a chair and desk as well as a little walking room.  Nothing fancy, but definitely comfy and restful.  The minimalist bed is a spot for rest, sleep, study, reading, relaxation, whatever you need.

Make it cozy without the clutter - Minimalist Small Bedroom - Gone Minimal
Make it cozy without the clutter

How to Make a Small Minimalist Bedroom Feel Cozy

It’s really not difficult to make a small minimalist bedroom feel cozy.  Here are a few ideas to get you started cozying up your bedroom:

  • Potted plants bring a touch of color, and can even bring joy and help remove impurities from the air according to Linjing Deng & Qihong Deng from Environmental Science and Pollution Research.
  • Maximize natural light by opening (or taking down) curtains.
  • Use baskets and storage boxes to store accessories and declutter the space.
  • Arrange furniture to maximize space and create an open feel.
  • Soft fabrics and pillows on chairs and the bed can make it feel more inviting and comfy.
  • Use an essential oil diffuser or warmer to create a pleasant scent.
Keep things in order and organized - Minimal Small Bedroom - Gone Minimal
Keep things in order and organized

How to Organize a Small Minimalist Bedroom

When you have a small bedroom, it’s important to maximize your organization and storage space.  Closet organizers, shelving, hanging baskets, storage boxes, and dressers are just a few ways to store your accessories and clothing out of sight.  You can even use creative pieces like storage ottomans for seating while storing your belongings out of the way.  The possibilities are limitless!

Related Insights

What Does a Minimalist Bedroom Have?

A minimalist bedroom will have mostly the essentials: bed, chair, table with lamp, and maybe a couple of wall hangings.  There will be storage to keep accessories out of sight, and clutter out of mind.  A minimalist bedroom will be uncluttered and organized, yet relaxing and comfortable.

How Do I Organize My Minimalist Bedroom?

Your minimalist bedroom should be organized in a way that makes sense to you and makes it easy for you to find the things you need.  Stylish hanging systems in the closet with shoe and accessory storage, under-bed boxes for off-season clothing and shoes, and a bookshelf with baskets are a few examples of efficient organization for bedrooms.

How Do Interior Designers Make a Small Bedroom?

Interior designers make small bedrooms with colors, fabrics, and just the right furniture pieces to make it functional and comfy.  The combination of simple furniture with bright, natural light and neutral colors can tie together a private and restful space despite a small size.

Get some fun and helpful ideas in this informative minimal bedroom makeover video.

How Do You Make a Small Bedroom Look Bigger?

There are a few ways to make a small bedroom look bigger:

  1. Minimize the furniture and accessories to the essentials to maximize floor space.  Bed, chair, light.
  2. Use storage to keep surfaces clear and prevent clutter.
  3. Limit decorations on the walls to make walls appear bigger.
  4. Paint walls a neutral color.
  5. Arrange furniture around the perimeter of the room to create open space in the middle.

Essential Bedroom Items Real People Have To Feel Cozy And Organized

I asked 5 friends and family members to list 5 objects, items, furniture, etc. that they think are essential to make their bedroom feel cozy and organized. (A specific type of furniture, throws, pillows, lighting, curtains, etc.). Here is what they shared and what I learned from the poll:

ItemTally of Family/Friends
Comfy chair3
Fairy lights2
Reading lamp3
Fluffy rug1
White is great for a minimalist look - Minimalist Small Bedroom - Gone Minimal
White is great for a minimalist look

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A minimalist small bedroom doesn’t have to feel small.  With the right furniture, color scheme, and optimized storage space it can be an oasis.  The bedroom is one place where you should feel comfortable and relaxed, untethered to the outside world and designed just for you!  How will you create your minimalist small bedroom?

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