Minimalist Wallet – Choosing Well for Every Day Carry

We find ourselves in an interesting time of electronic advancements and mobile wallets, which begs the question-is it time to consider a minimalist men’s wallet?  What’s in your wallet that you don’t actually need to carry anymore-and what’s the appeal of minimalist men’s wallets?  Let’s take a look.

Minimalist men’s wallets are made smaller with minimal materials to be less bulky and easier to use.  There are different types from standard leather to high-end luxury minimalist wallets.  Features range from bi-fold to slim with options like RFID protection.

Are you tired of lugging around that old bulky men’s wallet?  Do you really use all of the things currently stuffed into that heavy men’s wallet?

What Is a Minimalist Men’s Wallet?

A minimalist men’s wallet is one that is designed in the principle of “less is more”.  These wallets are typically made with minimal materials, sustainable materials, and take up less room in your pocket.  Minimalist men’s wallets are less bulky, easy to use, and allow you to still carry what’s important in your day-to-day life in this digital age.  Minimalist men’s wallets are becoming more popular now and according to researchers Intarot and Beokhaimook of Rangsit University, electronic forms of payment are easier and safer to use and may become the norm before too long.

Minimal wallet on desk - Minimalist Wallet - Gone Minimal
Minimal wallet on desk

Why Carry a Minimalist Men’s Wallet?

We’ve all seen them-the overflowing, large, bulky wallets that hold way more than any one man needs at any given time!  Plus given their size, they’re a great deal easier to grab by any would-be pickpocket.  Minimalist men’s wallets are compact, lightweight, and made of sturdy materials that can be carried in any pocket safely.  They also don’t have all that extra carrying capacity-which could convince anyone they don’t need to carry around every credit card or collect those paper receipts. 

Minimalists are all about low consumption and sustainability according to researchers Lloyd and Pennington of University of East London, which even with a minimalist wallet and the practices that go along with it you can find less stress and enhanced well-being.  Ready to learn about some different types of minimalist wallets?  Read on!

A minimalist men’s wallet is one that is designed in the principle of “less is more”.  These wallets are typically made with minimal materials, sustainable materials, and take up less room in your pocket. 

Types of Men’s Minimalist Wallets

Minimalist wallets are designed for simplicity and functionality, offering a practical and stylish solution for those seeking to simplify their everyday carry while keeping their valuables secure and organized. When choosing a minimalist wallet, consider your needs and what it should carry.

There are different tastes for different men, so there are multiple types of men’s minimalist wallets to fit those tastes.  Let’s look at just a few of the options available.

Minimal black leather wallet - Minimalist Wallet - Gone Minimal
Minimal black leather front pocket wallet

Leather Minimalist Wallets

We’ll start with old faithful leather, the most popular choice since the beginning of time.  Leather minimalist wallets are thinner, lighter, and have fewer card slots and pockets than your standard leather wallets.  These come in bi-fold as well as tri-fold, keeping with tradition while staying smaller for comfort in carrying.  With everything going digital, there’s just no need for a dozen slots anymore!

Front Pocket Minimalist Wallets

Front pocket minimalist wallets are some of the most compact wallets you can find!  These are also made of leather and are generally bi-fold, keeping them slim enough to fit in your front shirt or suit jacket pocket.  These come in a variety of slots available, some even with RFID blocking for your credit cards and identification cards.

Luxury Minimalist Wallets

Do you want to go minimalist, but still want that bit of luxury?  Check out luxury minimalist wallets-made of some of the finest leather and materials available.  Also available in high-end fashion labels including Balenciaga and Polo Ralph Lauren, these wallets range from bi-fold and tri-fold leather to titanium money clips.

Minimal phone wallet - Minimalist Wallet - Gone Minimal
Minimal phone wallet

Features of Minimalist Wallets 

Bi-fold Minimalist Wallets

Much like the classic men’s wallets, bi-fold minimalist wallets offer a similar shape but with less bulk.  Made of lighter-weight materials, these bi-fold wallets carry just what you need and take up less space in your pocket.  Bi-fold minimalist wallets are perfect for the man who likes this style but wants something a bit lighter.

Sleeve Minimalist Wallets

Sleeve minimalist wallets are a newcomer on the scene with a whole lot of style.  These come in several different materials from leather to titanium and are highly functional.  There’s usually a tab or button to “fan” out the cards enclosed, making it easier to find the one you need.  Built to be more compact, these slimmer wallets carry everything you need while taking up less space. 

RFID-Blocking Minimalist Wallets

There are scammers out there everywhere trying to steal our credit card numbers and our identities, and many minimalist wallets now offer RFID-blocking.  These are smaller and more functional wallets that carry what you need while blocking would-be thieves from stealing your important information.  Perfect for the man who’s always out in public and in crowded spaces!

RFID wallet - Minimalist Wallet - Gone Minimal
RFID wallet

Slim Minimalist Wallets

Another popular option is the slim minimalist wallet, which in some cases is a compact card-carrying case.  These wallets are small, lightweight, carry just what you need, and take up very little space to fit in your front or back pockets.  Slim minimalist wallets come in options from leather to elastic to keep all of your cards held secure.

Popular Minimalist Wallet Brands

Now that we’ve sold you on some of the minimalist wallet options available, let’s review the most popular minimalist wallet brands.


Ekster wallets are known as the world’s smartest wallets.  Ekster offers many options from bi-folds to slim wallets with very affordable prices.  Materials offered include leather, aluminum, and even carbon fiber.  Options include tracking with GPS, RFID protection, and even solar-powered accessories for tracking.  Prices range from $39-$151 with 12 month warranty, free shipping and 45 days to try risk-free.


Ridge minimalist wallets are slim, come with RFID protection, and a lifetime guarantee.  Their slim wallet options range from aluminum to titanium with many different colors, designs, and personalizations.  These rugged wallets are perfect for the outdoor enthusiast or the man who is stronger than he realizes.  Prices range from $95-$225 with lifetime warranty, free standard shipping and 45 days to return for free.

Electronic wallet (Apple Pay) - Minimalist Wallet - Gone Minimal
Electronic wallet (Apple Pay)


Bellroy wallets offer durable and premium crafted products guaranteed to age beautifully.  Made of leather or woven materials, these wallets come in sleeves, pockets, and even zippered options for all your card-carrying necessities.  Options include coin storage, RFID protection, and even pen carrying capacity.  Prices range from $45-$179 with free shipping and a 3 year warranty.

Pioneer Carry

Pioneer Carry offers technically advanced minimalist wallets made to last a lifetime.  From bi-folds to card holders, these wallets are made with premium materials and advanced textiles built for outdoor enthusiasts, fashionistas, and anyone who’s ever been hard on a wallet.  Options include waterproof modern materials, RFID protection, and a variety of colors.  Prices range from $55-$109 with 10 year warranty and easy returns.

This helpful video takes an inside look into 25 of the top minimalist wallets for men.

Related Insights

Are Minimalist Wallets Worth It?

I would say if you’re okay with not carrying 8 credit cards, 12 business cards, 6 receipts, and 17 photos then absolutely yes!  Minimalist wallets are worth it.  Besides, we keep so many things digitally on our smartphones now (including photos and payment methods) that it would be silly to continue to carry around a massive wallet!

What’s a Good Minimalist Wallet?

There are so many good minimalist wallets to choose from, it’s the one that works for you.  As long as it has the carrying capacity you need, offers the protection you want, and is made of the material you desire, it’s a good minimalist wallet!

What Kind of Wallet Is Best for Men?

I think that’s a good question for men!  Every man has different tastes-and what works well for one may not work well for another.  The best wallet for men is the one that works for him and fits his lifestyle.

Minimal card holder wallet - Minimalist Wallet - Gone Minimal
Minimal card holder wallet

Wallet Must-Haves For Real People

I asked several friends/family, preferably men, to list 5 things that they must have in their wallet. Here is what they shared and what I learned from the poll:

Wallet Must-HavesTally of Family/Friends
Driver’s license/ID5
Credit/debit card3
Insurance cards4
Rewards cards3
Club store cards2
Work ID3
House key1

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In this highly digital age and so many things going electronic, it’s a good time to consider switching to a minimalist men’s wallet.  Don’t keep carrying around that bulky leather trifold like your grandfather did-pare it down!  Besides-less stuff in your wallet means less stuff to worry about!  Which one will you purchase first?

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