Minimalist Wedding Dress – Simple Beauty and Radiance

One of the most memorable events in a woman’s life is her wedding day.  Some weddings that I have helped prepare have been a series of complicated and stressful tasks, but a minimalist wedding dress can simplify at least one part of the planning.

Minimalist wedding dresses are designed with quality fabrics and simple designs to keep the focus on the bride.  Characteristics include little embellishments and figure-flattering shapes that are elegant and classic.  Available sizes range from petite to plus-size, and sleeves vary from cap to long.  

Are you planning an upcoming wedding and overwhelmed by dress shopping? This article will look at the various styles, cuts, and fabrics of minimalist wedding dresses to help you narrow down your choices.

What Is a Minimalist Wedding Dress?

A minimalist wedding dress is designed and created following the minimalist principle of “less is more.”  With high-quality fabrics, simple designs, and without embellishments, minimalist wedding dresses are beautiful while focusing on what really matters — the bride.  

It is a simple, understated, and elegant gown emphasizing clean lines, uncomplicated silhouettes, and a lack of elaborate embellishments or excessive details. Minimalist wedding dresses offer a sense of grace and elegance while allowing the bride’s natural beauty and personality to shine through.

Hanging Wedding Dresses - Minimalist Wedding Dress - Gone Minimal
Hanging Wedding Dresses

Characteristics of a Minimalist Wedding Dress

Minimalist wedding dresses are made to be a garment of simple, beautiful comfort on what is otherwise a usually crazy, hectic, yet memorable day.  From long to short-sleeves, modern to mermaid, there are some common characteristics of a minimalist wedding dress that are consistent:

  1. Simple to no embellishment
  2. Keeps the focus on the bride
  3. Figure flattering
  4. Quality fabric
  5. Romantic
  6. Elegant
  7. Effortless
  8. Classic
  9. Lightweight

These aren’t the bedazzled, bejeweled layers of fabric and tulle wedding dresses seen in magazines and celebrity weddings — quite the opposite indeed!  If you’re in the market for a wedding dress and tempted by minimalist design, let’s look at why it might be the better route.

Minimalist Wedding Dress by Size

Petite Minimalist Wedding Dress

The petite minimalist wedding dress is designed with smaller women in mind.  Created to be shorter in length, the petite minimalist wedding dress can elongate the legs, torso, and arms and accentuate the bride’s favorite feature to make her look and feel taller.  Designed for smaller frames, these dresses fit better and are more flattering than having a standard-sized wedding dress altered.

A Groom and Petite Bride - Minimalist Wedding Dress - Gone Minimal
A Groom and Petite Bride

Tall Minimalist Wedding Dress

Tall minimalist wedding dresses are designed to accentuate the tall bride’s features — long legs and arms while highlighting her favorite attributes.  These dresses are made to flatter any tall figure and fit to proportion. They’re also much more flattering than having one altered to fit a taller woman. 

Plus-Size Minimalist Wedding Dress

There are so many beautiful plus-size minimalist wedding dress options available it can be challenging to pick just one.  Designed for curvy women, these wedding dresses are figure-flattering, comfortable, and elegant.  Whether mermaid or slip-style, plus-size minimalist wedding dresses come in just the right size and style for every bride.

Minimalist Wedding Dress by Sleeve Length

Cap-Sleeve Minimalist Wedding Dress

The cap-sleeve minimalist wedding dress has a few minor variations available and is considered a warm-weather sleeve.  From the micro-short sleeve that ends just below the shoulder on the arm to a simple strap that connects to the bodice in front and back of the shoulder, the cap-sleeve minimalist wedding dress is ideal for an outdoor spring or summer wedding, or even indoors any time of year.  Want a cap sleeve but worried about a chill?  You can drape an elegant shawl or cloak anytime to keep warm.

Short-Sleeve Minimalist Wedding Dress

Short-sleeve minimalist wedding dresses are varied and great for warm weather outdoor weddings but also go well indoors during any season.  Short-sleeves are longer than cap-sleeves and also come in many variations.  The short sleeve is flattering and flexible, from elegant drapey fabric to fitted elbow-length lace.

A Simple Short-Sleeve Wedding Dress - Minimalist Wedding Dress - Gone Minimal
A Simple Short-Sleeve Wedding Dress


Long-Sleeve Minimalist Wedding Dress

Long-sleeves are a more traditional take on wedding dresses and have wide varieties.  On a minimalist wedding dress, long sleeves are drapey or fitted, the same fabric as the dress or an accent lace, and can even be off-shoulder for a super elegant look.  Long sleeve minimalist wedding dresses are appropriate for cool or cold weather but can work in warm weather also, especially with a breathable fabric.  Long sleeves on a minimalist wedding dress are gorgeous.

Minimalist Wedding Dress By Style

With any minimalist fashion, it’s about consuming less and spending money on higher quality, according to Katia Vladimirova of the University of Geneva. Style is the next most important thing when choosing a minimalist wedding dress.  From simple to elegant, let’s look at some of the styles available.

If you’re looking to stun as you walk down the aisle or float around the dance floor, consider the elegant minimalist wedding dress.

Simple Minimalist Wedding Dress

The simple minimalist wedding dress is simply beautiful as you’d imagine.  The simple style is perfect for the truly minimalist bride with sleek lines, luxurious and soft fabric, and no embellishment or extravagant seams.  There’s nothing especially fancy about the simple minimalist wedding dress; it is elegant and stunning — just like the bride.

A Simple Wedding Dress - Minimalist Wedding Dress - Gone Minimal
A Simple Wedding Dress

Modern Minimalist Wedding Dress

A modern minimalist wedding dress is more slim-fitting, less full, and more figure-hugging than the traditional wedding dress.  There’s no embellishment, no fancy fabric or lace, and it usually consists of a slip-style dress with perhaps a high-cut leg slit.  It’s a beautiful, sleek dress that’s perfect for the altar and dancing or a night out on the town.

Boho Minimalist Wedding Dress

The boho minimalist wedding dress is beachy-feeling with flowy fabrics and a simple, relaxed, laid-back, and comfortable design.  It’s the perfect look and feel for the laid-back bride in a church, a backyard, or even a beach. One great thing about minimalist wedding dresses is that they allow the bride to express her “best self” through wedding garments, according to Ilya Parkins of the University of British Columbia and Rosie Findlay of the University of Kent

Modest Minimalist Wedding Dress

For the bride who doesn’t want to reveal too much of her figure or a great deal of skin, there’s the modest minimalist wedding dress.  This dress is comfortable and flexible with a higher neckline (no exposed cleavage), flowing fabric, and a simple look that helps keep the focus on the bride’s face.

A Modest Wedding Dress - Minimalist Wedding Dress - Gone Minimal
A Modest Wedding Dress

Elegant Minimalist Wedding Dress

If you’re looking to stun as you walk down the aisle or float around the dance floor, consider the elegant minimalist wedding dress.  This long, simple sheath can be flowy or semi-fitted, with luxurious fabric and dramatic necklines.  It’s perfect for the ballroom and the altar.

Minimalist Wedding Dress by Cut

A-Line Minimalist Wedding Dress

An A-line minimalist wedding dress is fitted throughout the bust and torso while forming a triangle with an increasing width from the waist to the floor.  It’s a great way to accentuate curves without revealing too much, and it’s pretty swishy for the walk down the aisle and still comfortable for post-nuptial dancing.

The civil minimalist wedding dress has many different styles and options available-from long-sleeved, floor-length sheath to tea-length, relaxed looks.

Mermaid Minimalist Wedding Dress

If you’re looking to show off your curves, a minimalist mermaid wedding dress is an excellent way.  This style is fitted from the bust through the knees and flares out like a mermaid tail from the knees down.  It’s a dramatic figure-revealing dress that will wow your future husband. 

Tea-length Minimalist Wedding Dress

When you don’t want a dramatic or fitted look and prefer less formal, there’s the tea-length minimalist wedding dress.  This simple style ends just below the knee and comes in shapes from A-line to sheath. This style is relaxed and classic for an informal wedding.

A Groom and Bride in a Tea Length Dress - Minimalist Wedding- Gone Minimal
A Groom and Bride in a Tea Length Dress

Civil Minimalist Wedding Dress

The civil minimalist wedding dress has many different styles and options available-from long-sleeved, floor-length sheath to tea-length, relaxed looks.  This type of minimalist wedding dress is perfect for small ceremonies, eloping, or any setting you desire.  It’s a simple and polished look that is comfortable and flattering.

Minimalist Wedding Dress by Fabric

Satin Minimalist Wedding Dress

Satin is a classic fabric used for many wedding dresses, and minimalist wedding dresses are no exception.  A satin minimalist wedding dress is sleek, shiny, flowy, comfortable, and drapes dramatically on any figure.

Crepe Minimalist Wedding Dress

A crepe minimalist wedding dress is perfect for a soft silhouette and accentuating the bride’s shape.  Crepe is lightweight, smooth, and translucent and will work for any style dress from A-line to a mermaid.  A crepe minimalist wedding dress can be worn in any season.

Lace Minimalist Wedding Dress

Lace is one of the most popular fabrics for classic and minimalist wedding dresses.  It is lightweight, delicate, and romantic.  It’s excellent as an accent on the back or an all-over sheath dress.  There are many different styles of lace to pick from that will work in any season.

If you need help deciding which wedding dress is right for you, check out these 50 trendy and minimalist wedding dresses in this video.

Related Insights

How do I style a simple wedding dress?

To style a simple wedding dress, start with the shape.  The simple wedding dress is not heavily embellished or fancy, whether it’s a long, flowing sheath or mermaid-style.  Style your accessories with the setting in mind and when thinking of sleeves, neckline, back, and length, but always go with what you love and what feels good on you.

What is a simple wedding dress?

A simple wedding dress is not heavily decorated and is lightweight and comfortable, with relaxed seams and styling that is elegant and not flashy.  A simple wedding dress is beautiful but not as beautiful as the bride.

The Most Important Qualities That Real People Would Like in a Minimalist Wedding Dress

I asked friends and family (preferably female) to list the most important qualities of the minimalist wedding dress that they would like the most. Here is a table representing what I learned from the poll and the percentage of their responses.

Dress QualityTimes Selected
Qualities That Real People Would Like Most in a Minimalist Wedding Dress

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Weddings can be pretty complicated to plan, but minimalist wedding dresses can make at least one task reasonably simple.  Simply designed, comfortable, flattering, and even cheaper than regular wedding dresses — you really can’t go wrong with minimalist wedding dresses.  From the backyard to the beach, the altar to the destination, there’s a style of minimalist wedding dress for every type of wedding you can think of!

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