Simple Living – Successful Ways to an Easier Life

Simple living is a lifestyle independent of clutter, defined by purpose, and meaningful experiences.  We don’t need complex lives to be successful or even happy-there are so many benefits to living simply.

Simple living can be practiced through physical and mental changes and decluttering.  Benefits of this decluttering include decreased stress, better sleep, and more happiness.  Whether it’s living in a tiny home or paring down your possessions, simple living can be a great way to improve your life.

Have you ever felt like there’s too much going on in your life or work?  Do you feel like it’s time to declutter and live more simply? Let’s explore more.

What Is Simple Living?

Simple living refers to many different practices we can utilize-from our lifestyles to our homes and possessions.  When we eliminate clutter, both physically and metaphorically, we can achieve simple living.  In turn, we then are able to live with more purpose.  So, what is this clutter in our lives?  There’s our social and work commitments, routines and daily tasks, debt, social media, toxic people, and I could go on further.  Rather than do that, let’s keep it simple and look at the benefits of simple living.

Man reading in the water - Simple Living - Gone Minimal
Man reading in the water

Benefits of Simple Living

When we declutter our lives for more simple living, we are able to reap many benefits that are not just physical but emotional.  By embracing simple living, we can improve our overall well-being and learn about what is truly important to us. Simple living allows us to be more mindful and present with our environment, ourselves, and others helping us live with more purpose and meaning.

Simple living has some of these benefits:

  • Decreased stress
  • Increased happiness
  • Mental clarity
  • Better health
  • More time for relaxation and self-care
  • Improved sleep
  • More free time!

If you think about all of the things cluttering your life, you can probably start seeing where the problems are and how they affect your mood and your sleep.  Improved sleep alone can improve your health and well-being!  Ready to learn more about simple living?  Read on!

What Is Considered A Simple Life?

A simple life can be determined by several different things. It just depends on what your take on it is.  For some it’s decluttering their home and living a minimalist lifestyle.  For others it’s being independent from others, growing their own food, going “off the grid”, and travelling.  Sometimes it’s being totally organized and not planning everything every day. 

You might even consider a simple life one that has a simple schedule (or none at all!), simple diet, and no social media or television!  There are no rules or set guidelines. You can create whatever you want as your own simple life!

Minimalist desk - Simple Living - Gone Minimal
Minimalist desk

Examples of a Simple Life

 A simple life doesn’t look the same for everyone.  Some people choose to simplify their home, some simplify their work schedules, while others practice minimalism.  Some examples of what a simple life could look like include the following:

  • Minimalist home-no clutter, basic or no decorations, focused on safety and basic needs being met.
  • Tiny home-living in a small house with no clutter much like the minimalist home.
  • Authentic living-focusing on your goals and pathway to success, being your true self, practicing gratitude.
  • Independence-growing your own foods, using solar power, being self-sufficient.
  • Schedules-avoiding those commitments that you don’t benefit from, using your time wisely, doing away with unnecessary tasks or delegating, passing on those events you’re not interested in.

What do you think a simple life looks like?  How would you live simply?

When we eliminate clutter, both physically and metaphorically, we can achieve simple living. 

How to Live a Simple Life – The Simple Living Formula

There are several things to consider when trying to live a simple life.  To begin with, the most important thing is to find what makes you happy.  Then look at the different areas of your life to decide what you need and what you can live without.  The rest of the simple living formula is here:

  • Living intentionally-doing the things that propel you towards your goals, being authentic, and getting rid of the things and people that distract you from what really matters.
  • Minimalism-decluttering your home, paring down the unnecessary things, focusing on the basics, donate what you don’t need.
  • Live beneath your means-if you don’t have the money for something, don’t buy it!
  • Work/life balance-simplify by setting boundaries, setting realistic goals, avoiding focusing on perfection, keeping work and life separate and practice self-care.
  • Alone time-take a little time each day to just be with yourself, focus on your needs, listen to your thoughts and your body.
  • Do good-do nice things for others, don’t expect anything in return.  Try not to get caught!
  • Talk less, and listen more-take the time to listen to others to understand, rather than to respond.
  • Life isn’t fair-realize that and learn from your mistakes.  Live now-not in the past.
  • Small stuff-don’t sweat it.  It’s all small and not worth stressing over.

Here is an informative video on the minimalist philosophy for simple living.

Is It Ok to Live a Simple Life?

It is absolutely OK to live a simple life!  You probably don’t need all of the frills and stuff to be happy.  Living simply means you focus on your needs rather than your wants, you find joy in the simple things like nature, and you’re not bogged down with the “rat race” or trying to become the next “big thing”.  Finding the type of simple living that meets your needs has the potential to greatly improve your life.  So, does that sound OK to you?

Is a Simple Life a Happy Life?

A simple life can be a very happy life, especially if all of your needs are being met and you’re authentically you.  If you’re able to simplify the things in your life you want (or need) to simplify, you can create the happy life you desire.  You may even find when you simplify one aspect of your life, it makes everything better.  So stop there if you so feel the need-or keep simplifying things to achieve your ideal simple life!

Examples of Simple Living – From Real People

I asked 5 family and/or friends what top 3 areas they would like to simplify in their life (can be from possessions, to jobs, to responsibilities, etc.). Here is what I learned from the poll and what they shared.

Area To SimplifyTally of Family/Friends
Daily tasks3
Streaming subscriptions2
Social media3

Other Resources:

From converting to a minimalist lifestyle to simply paring down your daily tasks, there are several different ways to achieve simple living.  It doesn’t have to be done all at once-as long as you find what makes you happy and focus on that rather than the clutter in your life that distracts you from your goals.  Simple living can be rewarding, relaxing, and help you find your peace.  What will you simplify first?

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