Spring Cleaning List – Making it Simple from Start to Finish

Spring cleaning can be fun for some and daunting for others, and in any case, a spring cleaning list can make it much more satisfying.  I have found that spring cleaning lists come in many styles and formats, and there’s certainly one to help with your home cleaning regardless of size and level of disarray.

A spring cleaning list is a guide for yearly deep cleaning. It’s a beneficial checklist or template for tracking what needs to be done in every room and delegating tasks.  Categories include bedroom, kitchen, and outdoors and they can be made with and without timelines to help the process.

Is it time for the annual cleaning in your home, but you’re not sure where to start?  Spring cleaning can feel overwhelming when you start, but a spring cleaning list can help identify and organize the task. 

What Is Spring Cleaning?

For many, spring cleaning is an annual tradition where people thoroughly clean and declutter their homes after the winter season. It is typically done during the springtime when the weather gets warmer and days become longer. Spring cleaning goes beyond regular cleaning tasks and involves deep cleaning and organizing various areas of the home.

Sweeping a Minimalist Porch - Spring Cleaning List - Gone Minimal
Sweeping a Minimalist Porch

Benefits of a Spring Cleaning List

It can seem overwhelming to even think about starting spring cleaning, especially when you live in a large home or haven’t done a good deep cleaning in a long time.  A spring cleaning list can be of great assistance in these instances and routine spring cleaning.  Let’s take a look at some benefits of a spring cleaning list:

  1. Identifies what needs done
  2. Sorts out detailed cleaning
  3. Keeps you organized and on track
  4. Helps with delegating tasks
  5. Prevents skipping steps and repeating tasks
  6. Can help with decluttering
  7. Addresses every room in the home
  8. Provides satisfaction in checking off tasks

Spring cleaning reduces home allergens, which helps with stuffiness and congestion.  Dr. Eugene C. Cole, Director of Research for LRC Indoor Testing & Research, found removing accumulated indoor pollutants prevented them from becoming contaminants reducing illness and preventing infections.

Categories on a Spring Cleaning List

Bedroom Spring Cleaning List

The bedroom spring cleaning list is one of the most important because this is where we spend a great deal of time.  Dusting fans and light fixtures, vacuuming under the bed, and dusting blinds will reduce indoor allergens and relieve nasal congestion, leading to better sleep! 

Making a Minimalist Bed - Spring Cleaning List - Gone Minimal
Making a Minimalist Bed

Bathroom Spring Cleaning List

The bathroom tends to be the dirtiest room in the home, which seems counterintuitive since it’s where we clean ourselves.  A bathroom spring cleaning list will include dusting the exhaust fans, scrubbing soap scum from the bathtub and shower, removing hard water stains from glass, throwing out old shower gel and makeup products, and cleaning out cabinets under the bathroom sinks.

A spiritual spring cleaning list can help you identify your stressors, make peace with them, and let them go.

Kitchen Spring Cleaning List

The kitchen is often overlooked in spring cleaning since we tend to clean it often.  Besides, this is where we prepare the food we eat, and we want it to be clean.  The kitchen spring cleaning list includes tasks like deep cleaning the microwave and oven, clearing out old food products from the pantry, cleaning out the fridge and any hidden spills, and getting rid of appliances and dishes we no longer need.

Office Spring Cleaning List

Researchers Bragoszewska of Silesian University of Technology and Biedron of the Institute for Ecology of Industrial Areas found that when working indoors, pollutants contributed to disease and adverse health risks, which affected productivity and absenteeism from work.  Wherever work is, the office also deserves a good spring cleaning. 

Cleaning a Simple Office - Spring Cleaning List - Gone Minimal
Cleaning a Simple Office

The office spring cleaning list includes dusting and cleaning out electronics, clearing out old papers, filing current documentation, shredding sensitive materials, dusting fans and light fixtures, and restocking and organizing office supplies.

Outdoor Spring Cleaning List

As the weather gets warmer, outside is the place to be!  The outdoor spring cleaning list includes cleaning grills or smokers, cleaning patio furniture, putting outdoor seat cushions and pillows back out, sweeping, clearing out sheds, discarding old plant seeds, organizing lawn equipment and supplies, and preparing flower gardens for planting.

Spiritual Spring Cleaning List

Did you ever think about clearing out your mind as spring cleaning?  We experience so much every year, including work pressure, child stress, running errands, non-stop schedules, confrontations, and so on.  A spiritual spring cleaning list can help you identify your stressors, make peace with them, and let them go.  It can also help you find ways to compartmentalize, file away, and deal with experiences as they occur rather than holding on to them.

A Minimalist Man Meditating - Spring Cleaning List - Gone Minimal
A Minimalist Man Meditating

Examples of a Spring Cleaning List

Detailed Spring Cleaning List

A detailed spring cleaning list will include the little things that need to be done that you probably never even thought about.  Tasks like cleaning out window tracks, polishing door handles and cabinet hardware, refinishing wood furniture and stairs, washing pillows, and washing cabinet doors.

Ultimate Spring Cleaning List

Imagine a detailed spring cleaning list with a massive upgrade.  The ultimate spring cleaning list covers everything from ceiling to floor, detailed to thorough, to get your home as clean as it can be inch by inch.  There’s no more comprehensive spring cleaning than ultimate!

Types of Spring Cleaning Lists

Spring Cleaning Checklist

A spring cleaning checklist can be printed or downloaded to your phone, tablet, or computer.  You can choose the level of detail, room by room, and check off tasks as they’re completed.

When you’re looking to do a complete spring cleaning job but have a hard time keeping track or don’t know what should be done, consider a deep spring cleaning checklist by room.

Spring Cleaning List Template

A spring cleaning list template can be printed or downloaded and customized to your home and needs.  It will have spaces to write everything you want to get done and check off as you go.

Spring Cleaning List Excel

If a spreadsheet is your go-to tool, there’s an Excel spring cleaning list.  This method is a checkbox style, like you see in restaurant bathrooms, and used yearly or even weekly for routine cleanings.

Simply Typing - Spring Cleaning List - Gone Minimal
Simply Typing

Spring Cleaning List PDF

We sometimes use documents to edit things and then aren’t able to retrieve the original, but a spring cleaning list PDF is a locked form.  This list is protected from editing, so you can maintain your spring cleaning list and use it repeatedly.

Spring Cleaning List Printable

If you’re looking for a pre-made form to print and check off boxes or scratch out items as you go, there are online resources with printable spring cleaning lists.  You can also edit online forms, make your own with a template, or create from scratch and print for a tangible list.

Spring Cleaning Lists with Timeline

Daily Spring Cleaning List

If you want to spread your cleaning over days, there’s a daily spring cleaning list.  This can help organize your tasks by category, room, and day.  Spend one day dusting items above your head and at eye level and the next day vacuuming.  It’s a great way to spread your work over short periods daily.

A Woman Dusting - Spring Cleaning List - Gone Minimal
A Woman Dusting

Weekly Spring Cleaning List

If you don’t have a great deal of extra time to clean, spread it out with a weekly spring cleaning list.  You can accomplish small tasks every week and feel less pressed for time while still getting the job done.

30-Day Spring Cleaning List

When you have a bit of extra time and don’t want to spend entire days cleaning, there’s the 30-day spring cleaning list.  This will give you a small task every day, after work or before school, to get your spring cleaning done bit by bit and still completed within a month.

Deep Spring Cleaning Checklist by Room

When you’re looking to do a complete spring cleaning job but have a hard time keeping track or don’t know what should be done, consider a deep spring cleaning checklist by room.  With this checklist, you’ll hit every nook and cranny, every inch, every fabric in every room for the cleanest your home has ever been!

If you want to be sure all the cleaning in your home gets done, check out this video to help you create and conquer a spring cleaning list.

Related Insights

How do I start Spring Cleaning?

Spring cleaning starts with making a choice.  Once you’ve done that, it’s best to start at the top.  For example, don’t vacuum the floors before you dust the fans and light fixtures.  Then you’d just have to vacuum again!  So start vertically and work your way down for spring cleaning.

When should I do spring cleaning?

It’s best to start spring cleaning once the weather starts turning warmer.  This is because you want to be able to open windows to let in the fresh air and let out dust and allergens as you clean.

How long does it take to do spring cleaning?

Spring cleaning takes as much time as you have tasks to complete.  A smaller home will take less time, but also, the more help you have, the less time it will take to do spring cleaning.

Tasks That Real People Have on Their Spring Cleaning List

I asked friends and family to list three things or tasks on their spring cleaning list each year.  Here is a representation of the poll and what I learned from their responses. 

TaskTimes Selected
Dust blinds14%
Wash curtains11%
Clean baseboards18%
Dust fans11%
Clear out flower beds7%
Clean window exteriors7%
Dust light fixtures inside and out14%
Change out air filters7%
Clean out fireplace11%
Tasks That Real People Have on Their Spring Cleaning List

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Final Thoughts

Spring cleaning can feel a bit overwhelming when you think about everything that you haven’t done in a year, let alone all the things you haven’t even thought about.  Spring cleaning lists can help identify everything that needs to be done, organize tasks by room or category, and provide something to check off as it’s completed.  It’s the ultimate satisfaction of getting things done that results in a super clean home.  How will you start your spring cleaning list?

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