Synchronicity – Getting a Feel For Unseen Connections

The ways of this Earth and universe are a mystery. We are a part of this great, intricate mystery that weaves together the strands of life, forming the pattern of creation. Because we are a part of it, we are influenced by it, and it can guide us to our greater path. We can tune into the many strands of this great pattern by paying attention to synchronicities. 

Synchronicities are things that happen in our reality, or outer worlds, that reflect something occurring within our inner world. They show up as signs, symbols, numbers, words, or people that remind us of something about ourselves. 

There is much to be explored on the topic of synchronicity, and how it can be applied to one’s life. It is both practical and spiritual. If we allow it to, it can help us uncover our deepest truths, and the path our spirit craves the most. 

What Is Synchronicity?

Synchronicity is the occurrence of events that are seemingly unrelated but are connected in terms of meaning or symbolism. These events are not causally connected in the traditional sense but are instead connected through their meaningfulness or resonance.

When one experiences something synchronistic in their life, it awakens meaning within themselves. It’s a way of connecting puzzle pieces; a way of witnessing what one wishes to manifest. The best way to explain synchronicity is to give a real-life example of what it is. 

Connecting two simple puzzle pieces - Synchronicity - Gone Minimal
Connecting two simple puzzle pieces

Example and Explanation of Synchronicity 

A few weeks ago I noticed I felt out of touch with myself. Not just my ego or material self, but my deeper self – my soul or spirit (or whatever you want to call it). As I was exploring this, I journaled, “what does my wild-self desire?”

Note: When I say wild self, I am meaning my spirit, my highest self, my instinctual wild nature that is part of this Earth. 

After I journaled this, I started reading, “The Audiobiography of a Yogi” by Paramhansa Yogananda, a free book I stumbled upon while researching an unrelated writing topic. I decided to give it a read, it’s free – after all. 

A woman reading on a bench - Synchronicity - Gone Minimal
A woman reading on a bench

To my delighted surprise, the whole book is about a man’s journey to higher consciousness. His quest for divine union with God. The book spoke to a truth hidden within me – my wild self desires a deeper spiritual connection. 

Not only did stumbling upon this book take place, but one synchronistic thing happened right after another that all affirmed this truth – my spirit craved spiritual connection. This was confirmed through insights I received out in nature, animals, my dreams, and my meditation practice.

I was so overcome with all the synchronicities entering my life that pointed to this truth that I even drew a map of events called, “Map of Synchronicities.” I knew each of these moments held a deeper meaning, and I wanted to write it all down to connect the pieces. 

Synchronicity is a way of tuning into the messages of the outer world that are directly and indirectly related to the happenings of our inner world.

If you’re wanting to understand synchronicity better, check out this youtube video that explains synchronicities and their origins: 

Origin of the of Theory of Synchronicity

Synchronicity was first mentioned by psychologist Carl Jung. He describes synchronicity as an “acausal connecting (togetherness) principle, meaningful coincidence, or meaningful coincidence of two or more events where something other than the probability of chance is involved.” 

As a psychologist, he witnessed events occurring in his client’s lives (as well as his own), that proved something was at work that was deeper than mere coincidence. This is where things take a turn from our Western worldview of rational, logical, and scientific thinking. Here, we enter the  “metaphysics” or the philosophy of the great mystery. It points to a spiritual belief that everything is connected. 

If you’re interested in learning more about how synchronicities relate to psychotherapy, check out this article by Psychology Today that explores how synchronicities can be used as a therapeutic tool. 

A group of people sitting in a room - Synchronicity - Gone Minimal
A group of people sitting in a room

In traditional alchemy, there is the concept of so within, so without. The patterns within us are reflected outward, and the patterns outside of us are reflected within us. In other words, we are a part of this universe, and within each of us is a universe. The microcosm and the macrocosm. 

Synchronicity is a way of tuning into the messages of the outer world that are directly and indirectly related to the happenings of our inner world. 

I know from first-hand experience that these concepts can be hard to wrap one’s mind around, especially the alchemical philosophies. If any of these intrigue you, I invite you to look deeper into them, as there is much to discover.

A reflection through a simple glass ball - Synchronicity - Gone Minimal
A reflection through a simple glass ball

Signs and Symbols of Synchronicity

I believe synchronicities are signs or symbols given to us by the divine spirit and/or our higher consciousness. These are the terms I use, but other words to describe it are God, the universe, the highest self, or whatever you believe in. 

These signs and symbols are given to us as a way to unlock hidden truths about ourselves. They’re given to us so we can grow, heal, expand our consciousness, and deepen our connection to the Divine. 

I know this all seems a bit “out there.” If you’re feeling like whoa, this is a bit much for me that’s okay. You don’t have to believe what I believe or see synchronicity as I do. The best place to start, without getting too spiritual, is to simply notice signs or patterns occurring within your life. From there, you can dive deeper into their meaning, if you wish. 

You’ll know if something is a sign or message if it touches something deep within you, meaning you can feel that it is significant.

If anything, noticing synchronicities is a way to strengthen your awareness and come down into the present. 

To start noticing synchronicities, you first have to acknowledge something you’re discovering or pursuing within yourself. Then, start paying attention to anything that reflects that pursuit. The following list gives examples of where synchronicities most often show up: 

  1. Dreams
  2. Animals (or the natural world) – To learn more about animal symbolism, check out the book, Animal Speak, by Ted Andrews
  3. Conversations
  4. People/relationships 
  5. Repeated numbers 
  6. The elements (water, fire, air, and earth)
  7. Creative impulses 
  8. Insightful thoughts 
  9. Astrology
A silhouette of a person looking at the sky - Synchronicity - Gone Minimal
A silhouette of a person looking at the sky

I believe synchronicities are happening whether we notice them or not. Our spirits crave expansion, and the spirit (or the universe) is constantly giving us opportunities to connect and evolve. It is up to us to pay attention to these messages and to be open to receiving them. 

It’s okay if you don’t understand everything that’s happening to you. Synchronicities go beyond the rational, thinking mind. It is with our inner knowing that we discover their meaning, and it is through our mind we translate the meaning. 

Types of Synchronicity

Because synchronicities take on different forms, there are many types of synchronistic experiences. Some of these experiences happen with other people, which leaves us wondering if there was something deeper we might have missed. Other times we notice repeated numbers that make us wonder about their significance. There are many examples of these synchronistic experiences that we’ll dive into more below.

Three women in a field of sunflowers - Synchronicity - Gone Minimal
Three women in a field of sunflowers

Synchronicity with Someone

Have you ever had a conversation with a stranger that was surprisingly impactful? When we are aware of our goals or inner discoveries, we can unknowingly invite others to share wisdom that speaks to us. This also doesn’t have to be a stranger, it can be a friend, romantic partner, or family member. 

One of my favorite experiences is having a conversation with someone who says something that feels fully aligned with my experience. It deepens my connection to that person and shows me that the spirit speaks in many ways. 

Synchronicity with Love

When you’re in a healthy, romantic relationship it’s amazing how “synched” up you can become. I’ve had the experience with my partner where it feels like they’re reading my mind because they’ll say out loud exactly what I was thinking. 

A man and woman hugging - Synchronicity - Gone Minimal
A man and woman hugging

When we follow our highest excitement or our “path,” we naturally draw people into our lives who are aligned with our path. This also goes for romantic partners. I met my lifelong partner when I finally released my toxic lifestyle and was searching for new people who were aligned with the life I dreamed for myself. In this way, our meeting was fully synchronistic to both of our lives. 

Soulmate Synchronicity

The concept of soulmates comes from the belief in past lives, and/or that we are divinely made beings with a higher spirit or soul. The soul of our beings goes beyond the physical reality of who we are, meaning it is deeper than the name we call ourselves, or anything that makes up who we are in this material world. 

In looking at it that way, we come across people in our lives who our soul is familiar with (if you believe in past lives). These are people our souls have journeyed with and loved. When we meet them in this reality, there is a powerful connection and bond that goes beyond any rational explanation.

A man and woman holding hands - Synchronicity - Gone Minimal
A man and woman holding hands

I personally believe there isn’t one soulmate, rather a few or many individuals we come across who our souls were linked to in a past life. That being said, there may be an individual that has journeyed with us during many of our different lives, and this individual is bonded to our soul unlike any other. 

When living in tune with one’s higher self and purpose in life, they will naturally be drawn to individuals who their soul is familiar with. When this happens, it almost feels preordained that your meeting has taken place, in other words, highly synchronistic.  

Number Synchronicity

The significance of numbers is an ancient philosophy. They are seen as messages from the spirit or higher self, and the message is unique to the number seen. Seeing the same number over and over, and a repeated pattern of numbers is a common synchronicity to experience. 

A person walking on simple numbered blocks - Synchronicity - Gone Minimal
A person walking on simple numbered blocks

There is much to explore about number synchronicity. It is too much to go into in this article alone, but if you are experiencing number synchronicity, I encourage you to look deeper into it. Before reading what the number means; however, it’s important to first dive into your own meaning of it. The message is for you alone, after all. Check out this helpful article that goes into more depth on the synchronicity of numbers. 

The Synchronicity Book by Carl Jung

If you’re wanting to learn more about synchronicity, check out Carl Jung’s book, “Synchronicity: An Acausal Connecting Principle.

This book will provide an incredible exploration of synchronicity and real-life experiences of this divine phenomenon. 

If you would like more insight into this concept, along with Jung’s work you can check out this free pdf research paper on synchronicity by Roderick Main. 

A stained glass window - Synchronicity - Gone Minimal
A stained glass window

Related Insights

Why do I have synchronicity?

Synchronicities happen for everyone. If you’re experiencing synchroncities, ask yourself what they might mean for your life. They are usually signs of awakening and/or enlightenment. 

How do you know if the universe is sending you signs?

You’ll know if something is a sign or message if it touches something deep within you, meaning you can feel that it is significant. Other bodily signs that you are receiving a message are goosebumps and a chill down your spine. Above all, trust your intuition.

How do you attract synchronicity?

If you are wishing to attract synchronicity, that means you are wishing to heal, grow, and expand your consciousness. The first step would be to evaluate if you are living in accordance with your highest self or spirit. The next step, which is also the most important, is to simply pay attention. What animals am I seeing? What are my dreams like? What numbers do I keep seeing? Am I dreaming, seeing, or feeling a specific element (fire, water, air, or earth)?

How do you use synchronicity?

Meditating on what synchronicities are coming into your life is a great way to uncover their meaning. You can also journal or speak about them to help process what they might mean. From there, it is up to you on how you would like to use them. Embodying the messages and lessons we have learned is the trickiest, and yet the most important part of it all.

What is the difference between synchronicity and coincidence?

A coincidence relates to something within your own life but doesn’t hold significance. You can tell the difference between coincidence and synchronicity through your intuition, or your deep knowing. Some believe there are no coincidences, and everything is synchronistic. On the other hand, some believe everything is a coincidence, and synchronicities don’t hold any importance. It’s up to you to decide what you believe. 

What’s the difference between synchronicity and serendipity?

Serendipity is a beneficial event that happens by chance. In this way, they can be the same thing – based on what you believe in. Synchronicity is more spiritual and related to messages from the Divine.

Ways That Synchronicities Show Up For Real People

Synchronicities are one of the most fascinating aspects of life (in my opinion). I love hearing others’ stories of synchronicities and how they’ve impacted their lives. Because of this, I reached out to a few of my friends and family and asked them a couple of questions. First, if they knew or believed in synchronicities? If yes, in what ways do synchronicities show up the most (animals, dreams, numbers, people, etc.)?  Here is what they shared and what I learned:

Question: Do you know or believe in synchronicities?Times Selected
Real People Who Believe in Synchronicities
Type of synchronicityTimes Selected
People (conversations, meeting new people)25%
Timing (At the right place at the right time)13%
Devotions/scripture/sermons 12%
Dreams 12%
Type of synchronicities that real people believe in

Other Resources:

Final Thoughts

By paying attention to the signs given to us by the Spirit through synchronicities, we can find our life’s purpose, deep healing, and spiritual connection. All it takes is an open mind, awareness, and curiosity about the world around us. 

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