Unique Person – The Value and Greatness In Each of Us

We’ve all come across those people we thought were different, special, and unique in their own way. I believe specific characteristics and behaviors make someone unique, whether a teacher, friend, or stranger on the street.

A unique person has something that sets them apart from others.  They leave an impression, have an unpredictable nature, or leave their mark.  A unique person is special, distinctive, or irreplaceable and can be characterized through genetics, behavior, personality, and many other qualities.

What do you think makes a person one-of-a-kind or unique?  Would you rather blend in with the crowd or stand out as an individual?

What Is a Unique Person?

A unique person is someone who has qualities and characteristics that set them apart from other people.  The visible and even non-visible things make them stand out from a crowd, attract people, and make them leaders rather than followers.  A unique person can sometimes be identified by an aspect of their appearance, their actions, their behaviors, or their personality.  And sometimes, a unique person just refuses to fit in or follow the norm.

A Woman Simply Laughing - Unique Person - Gone Minimal
A Woman Simply Laughing

What is the Meaning of a Unique Person?

Have you ever met someone that left an impression on you?  What was it about them that you felt was so special or different about them?  When we think about the meaning of a unique person, it’s whatever they did, said, or displayed that left a mark on us, metaphorically speaking.  A unique person is unpredictable in comparison to others. 

You may see a unique person and think you can predict their behavior based on previous experiences with others, but then they throw you for a loop and do something completely different.  So how do we describe this type of behavior and a unique person?  With the right descriptive words.

Words to Describe a Unique Person

How is a unique person described?  Sometimes it’s physical characteristics or how they dress, and sometimes it’s personality.  Each person’s uniqueness is a beautiful and valuable aspect of their individuality. Describing a unique person should celebrate their special qualities and contributions to the world around them. We’re going to look at similar words to describe a unique person.

Synonyms for Unique Person

There are many ways and words to identify and describe a unique person.  Here are some synonyms for you to consider:

  1. Special
  2. Different
  3. Original
  4. inspiring
  5. Broke the mold
  6. Distinctive
  7. Free-spirited
  8. Rare
  9. Exceptional
  10. Irreplaceable
A Simple Butterfly - Unique Person - Gone Minimal
A Simple Butterfly

Have you heard any of these terms describe a person?  That unique person probably left an impression on you that you still think about on occasion.  Keep reading to learn some things that make a person unique.

What’s interesting to think about is some of these characteristics are intrinsic, or come from within, while others are extrinsic or affected by the outside world.

What Makes a Person Unique?

What are some things that make a person unique?  Let’s start with a bit of research.  Professor Orazalieva Raziya Ramanovna of Karakalpak State University states that talent makes young people unique, as it contributes to the development of specific skills that can be utilized to strive for higher intellectual potential in society.  

Associate Professor and Doctoral Candidate Horodyska Olga of National Technical University refers to the different learning styles of students in utilizing on-campus versus online learning as unique and experiential.  There are, of course, some pretty clear categories of what makes a person unique:

  1. Appearance
  2. Genetics
  3. Behavior
  4. Personality
  5. Perspective
  6. Intelligence
  7. Life experiences
  8. Goals
  9. Dreams
  10. Talent
  11. Taste
  12. Creative nature

What’s interesting to think about is some of these characteristics are intrinsic, or come from within, while others are extrinsic or affected by the outside world.  We all have different internal makeup and environments, so in many ways, we are ALL unique.

A Minimalist Man - Unique Person - Gone Minimal
A Minimalist Man

Characteristics of a Unique Person

Many things, from genetics to personality, make people unique.  However, some characteristics of a unique person deserve deeper insight.

I am a Unique Person Because…

What are the things that set you apart from others?  How would you finish the sentence, “I am a unique person because _____?”  It could be how you dress, your hairstyle or hair color, or your choice of piercings.  These are all things we see on the outside, but what about internal differences?  You could be unique because you like a band no one else has heard of, or you prefer salty snacks over sweet snacks.  Think about the characteristics that make you different.

Personality is the most unique, as everyone is different because of life experiences and environment.

Unique Personality Traits

Other things that might make a person unique are personality traits.  It could be that person in the office always agreeing with others.  Or the neighbor who brings in your trash can when you’re not home.  It might be that person who is always the life of the party, extroverted and fun.  It could even be the one who worries about every single thing.  These are all unique personality traits and affect how people interact with others.

Unique Traits of a Person

Several character traits make a person unique.  Personality is the most unique, as everyone is different because of life experiences and environment.  Attitude often sets people apart because of their outlook; for example, some think the glass is half full versus half empty. 

A Woman Holding Oranges - Unique Person - Gone Minimal
A Woman Holding Oranges

There’s also creativity-from art and music to finding different ways to solve problems at work.  Taste is another unique trait of a person, as some people like Chinese food better than Italian food or desserts better than appetizers.  Other unique traits of a person include habits, goals, and perspectives.

Examples of a Unique Person

We’ve talked about what type of people are unique, words to describe them, and their characteristics.  But how about some examples of a unique person?

Unique Person in the World

Every person on the planet is unique, but some very unique people stand apart from the rest. Of course, their level of uniqueness is in the eye of the beholder, but let’s look at some notably unique persons. 

  1. Simone Biles, small in stature but huge in gymnastics
  2. Naomi Osaka, tennis champion and champion of mental health
  3. Luis Manuel Otero Alcantara, Cuban artist, and symbol of freedom of expression
  4. Ben Crump, nationally recognized lawyer, and individual rights activist
  5. Frans Timmermans, diplomat and climate activist
  6. Nikole Hannah-Jones, Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative reporter and civil rights activist
  7. Lady Gaga, singer/songwriter and supporter of unique people
  8. Barbara Kruger, an American artist and fierce feminist

These unique people have been identified for their personal struggles, artistic movements, and battles for the civil rights of others.  Other things make people unique in the world, including the tallest people, those who demonstrate great tenacity and strength despite physical abnormalities, and people who succeed through enormous hardships.

In this helpful video, learn ten signs that you have a unique personality that others admire.

Related Insights

How do I know if I’m unique?

If you’re wondering how to know if you’re unique, ask yourself this: is there any other person in the world exactly like you?  The most likely answer is no-which makes you unique.  You are unique even if you have an identical twin because many things make people different, from appearance to behavior.

What makes your personality unique?

Your personality is unique if you have a different outlook from others or behave differently than others in a group.  If you have different perspectives or life experiences, that has an effect on your behavior as well as your personality.

Real People Think These Qualities and Personality Traits Describe a Unique Person

I asked friends and family to list three qualities or personality traits of a unique person. Here is a table representing the percentages of their responses and what I learned about what people think about unique people.

Qualities or Personality Traits
11% of people polled think quirky describes a unique person
15% of people polled think different describes a unique person
5% of people polled think forgiving describes a unique person
5% of people polled think out there describes a unique person
11% of people polled think a sense of humor describes a unique person
15% of people polled think talent describes a unique person
8% of people polled think intelligence describes a unique person
11% of people polled think personal experiences describe a unique person
8% of people polled think passions describe a unique person
11% of people polled think quirky describes a unique person
The Qualities and Personality Traits That Describe a Unique Person

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Final Thoughts

Uniqueness comes from within as well as the outside.  A unique person is different because of personality, genetics, and behavior, among many other characteristics.  It’s fun being around unique people because they always keep you guessing!  Who do you see as the most unique in your life?

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